Thursday, 22 March 2012

What Panic Makes Look Like and a WIP.

This is what I finally made my sister for her birthday using this fantastic Reversible Bag tutorial at the Very Purple Person Blog.  Made in about an hour or so - nice and quick to get it in the post in time!

And here is the reverse, so it's kind of two bags in one.  Made with two of my favourite fabrics that I've been saving.  Flights of Fancy by Paula Prass and Scooters - Monaco by Monaluna.
I did start the hexie rainbow I previously blogged about, as you can see here.  But it's still a WIP.
It's taking a lot longer than expected.
I think it's the teeny tiny hand stitches, although I find hand stitching so therapeutic.
On to another Panic Make.  This is the Mothers Day Cushion I made my Mum.  The machine quilting is frighteningly wonky, but I did whip it up in about an hour on the Friday afternoon so I could get it in the post that afternoon to arrive the last post day before Mothers Day.  My life just seems to be about getting stuff done 'last minute'.

By the way she loved it "better than a bouquet of flowers", I wrote lots of lovely 'love notes' on the reverse along the edge. 
A panic Boxed Zippered Pouch I made for Amelie for her Beaver Camp.  This was the fabric I was going to use for a lunch bag, but "needs must" as they say.
This is the other side, so cute!
And this is a Panic Make Camp blanket I made for the same Beaver Camp weekend for Amelie.  Bottom left are her Beaver Camp badges, she brought home 4 more for me to sew on.
A shot of the reversed trim.  In total the blanket measures 62" x 38".  It was quite a narrow and long piece and I wanted to keep the length, so I made the long borders wide and added them at the very edge with some off cuts of 'quilt wadding' to make it seem like it was blanket underneath.  The shorter end borders were sewn directly onto the fleece but narrower to give the illusion of the blanket being wider than it was.

It's amazing what you can make with spare fabric and a piece of fleece I've had 'kicking around' in the attic and nearly chucked out on more than one occasion.  I have since had two orders from Panda (Beaver Leader) and Ribbit (Beaver Helper) - I have said they will be made with different fabrics so that they're all One Of A Kind.

Hope you're all having the sort of gloriously sunny Spring day we're having in London, the daffodils seem to be grinning!  Summer not far off now.

Thanks for dropping by.


Archie the wonder dog said...

I love your last minute makes!!!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Wow, you have been so busy! Your makes are gorgeous! xx