Monday, 26 March 2012

VW Camper Van Doorstop Guest Tutorial & Giveaway

One of my New Year Resolutions was to post more Tutorials, but recent efforts have been pretty poor so I have asked my fabulous friend Sally of Ditzy & Dotty to do a guest tutorial for this super funky VW Doorstop.

You should check out her Blog as she some great Tutorials as she often writes features for sewing magazines.


Cut 6 pieces of cream calico drill 6.5” ( x 6.5”.

Decide on the applique shape you want on your doorstop & print it out.

Trace each piece onto the paper side of a piece of iron-on adhesive. Iron onto the reverse of the different fabrics you have chosen, and cut each piece out.

Take one of the pieces of calico and lay the applique pieces out in the centre of it. When you are happy with how it looks then remove the backing paper from each piece and iron it down.

Using a close zigzag stitch, sew around the edges of each piece.
Take a piece of piping cord, long enough to go around the outside of one piece of calico. Enclose it within some bias binding and stitch it all the way around the outside of the calico piece that has the applique on it.

Make the handle with a piece of calico about 10cm wide and 20cm long. Fold in half lengthways and fold raw edges to the centre line. Fold the whole thing in half lengthways, enclosing the raw edges in the middle of the piece and sew down each long edge.

Take one square of calico and sew a piece of Velcro down one edge. Repeat for another square. I cut my Velcro in half lengthways to make it thinner. Sew the velcro face up on the right side of the fabric. Repeat for a second piece of calico.

Take one of the Velcro calico pieces and place it face down on top of the appliqued piece. The Velcro should be at the bottom and right sides should be facing. Stitch along the top.

This is how it should look.
Sew the other pieces of calico around the edge of the appliqued square, then pin the handle onto the top piece of calico. Sew the second Velcro piece onto the bottom of the base piece of calico. The Velcro should be positioned at the very bottom.

Fold the top piece of calico over so that it lays directly on top of the leftmost piece of calico & sew together. Sew along the edge. Repeat for the right hand piece of calico.
Sew the base piece to the side pieces and then the back piece with the Velcro to all sides.
Turn the cube through the Velcro opening.

Fill your doorstops with 1kg rice in a plastic bag and then use a small amount of stuffing to pad out the shape of the doorstop. You could also fill it with small pebbles or sand.

Thanks Sally, what a really useful Tutorial, great gift idea!

Now to the GIVEAWAY.  If you would prefer not to make one of these funky doorstops, Sally is very kindly holding a Giveaway with a chance to win one of three doorstops.  Just pop across to her Blog.

Entry is open worldwide and closes 6th April.

Or you can buy this featured one over at The Fabric Marketplace where she has one for sale.

Thanks for dropping by and Good Luck with the Giveaway!!!

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