Monday, 26 March 2012

VW Camper Van Doorstop Guest Tutorial & Giveaway

One of my New Year Resolutions was to post more Tutorials, but recent efforts have been pretty poor so I have asked my fabulous friend Sally of Ditzy & Dotty to do a guest tutorial for this super funky VW Doorstop.

You should check out her Blog as she some great Tutorials as she often writes features for sewing magazines.


Cut 6 pieces of cream calico drill 6.5” ( x 6.5”.

Decide on the applique shape you want on your doorstop & print it out.

Trace each piece onto the paper side of a piece of iron-on adhesive. Iron onto the reverse of the different fabrics you have chosen, and cut each piece out.

Take one of the pieces of calico and lay the applique pieces out in the centre of it. When you are happy with how it looks then remove the backing paper from each piece and iron it down.

Using a close zigzag stitch, sew around the edges of each piece.
Take a piece of piping cord, long enough to go around the outside of one piece of calico. Enclose it within some bias binding and stitch it all the way around the outside of the calico piece that has the applique on it.

Make the handle with a piece of calico about 10cm wide and 20cm long. Fold in half lengthways and fold raw edges to the centre line. Fold the whole thing in half lengthways, enclosing the raw edges in the middle of the piece and sew down each long edge.

Take one square of calico and sew a piece of Velcro down one edge. Repeat for another square. I cut my Velcro in half lengthways to make it thinner. Sew the velcro face up on the right side of the fabric. Repeat for a second piece of calico.

Take one of the Velcro calico pieces and place it face down on top of the appliqued piece. The Velcro should be at the bottom and right sides should be facing. Stitch along the top.

This is how it should look.
Sew the other pieces of calico around the edge of the appliqued square, then pin the handle onto the top piece of calico. Sew the second Velcro piece onto the bottom of the base piece of calico. The Velcro should be positioned at the very bottom.

Fold the top piece of calico over so that it lays directly on top of the leftmost piece of calico & sew together. Sew along the edge. Repeat for the right hand piece of calico.
Sew the base piece to the side pieces and then the back piece with the Velcro to all sides.
Turn the cube through the Velcro opening.

Fill your doorstops with 1kg rice in a plastic bag and then use a small amount of stuffing to pad out the shape of the doorstop. You could also fill it with small pebbles or sand.

Thanks Sally, what a really useful Tutorial, great gift idea!

Now to the GIVEAWAY.  If you would prefer not to make one of these funky doorstops, Sally is very kindly holding a Giveaway with a chance to win one of three doorstops.  Just pop across to her Blog.

Entry is open worldwide and closes 6th April.

Or you can buy this featured one over at The Fabric Marketplace where she has one for sale.

Thanks for dropping by and Good Luck with the Giveaway!!!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

What Panic Makes Look Like and a WIP.

This is what I finally made my sister for her birthday using this fantastic Reversible Bag tutorial at the Very Purple Person Blog.  Made in about an hour or so - nice and quick to get it in the post in time!

And here is the reverse, so it's kind of two bags in one.  Made with two of my favourite fabrics that I've been saving.  Flights of Fancy by Paula Prass and Scooters - Monaco by Monaluna.
I did start the hexie rainbow I previously blogged about, as you can see here.  But it's still a WIP.
It's taking a lot longer than expected.
I think it's the teeny tiny hand stitches, although I find hand stitching so therapeutic.
On to another Panic Make.  This is the Mothers Day Cushion I made my Mum.  The machine quilting is frighteningly wonky, but I did whip it up in about an hour on the Friday afternoon so I could get it in the post that afternoon to arrive the last post day before Mothers Day.  My life just seems to be about getting stuff done 'last minute'.

By the way she loved it "better than a bouquet of flowers", I wrote lots of lovely 'love notes' on the reverse along the edge. 
A panic Boxed Zippered Pouch I made for Amelie for her Beaver Camp.  This was the fabric I was going to use for a lunch bag, but "needs must" as they say.
This is the other side, so cute!
And this is a Panic Make Camp blanket I made for the same Beaver Camp weekend for Amelie.  Bottom left are her Beaver Camp badges, she brought home 4 more for me to sew on.
A shot of the reversed trim.  In total the blanket measures 62" x 38".  It was quite a narrow and long piece and I wanted to keep the length, so I made the long borders wide and added them at the very edge with some off cuts of 'quilt wadding' to make it seem like it was blanket underneath.  The shorter end borders were sewn directly onto the fleece but narrower to give the illusion of the blanket being wider than it was.

It's amazing what you can make with spare fabric and a piece of fleece I've had 'kicking around' in the attic and nearly chucked out on more than one occasion.  I have since had two orders from Panda (Beaver Leader) and Ribbit (Beaver Helper) - I have said they will be made with different fabrics so that they're all One Of A Kind.

Hope you're all having the sort of gloriously sunny Spring day we're having in London, the daffodils seem to be grinning!  Summer not far off now.

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Block Colour Jeans Dream

Vintage 80s Bright Red Long and Lean Jean Sz 6 7 Long
Spring/Summer 2012 is all about block coloured skinny jeans and I love them!  Maybe it's my 80s youth with bright jeans, court shoes, nail varnish and eye shadow all matching in the same shade of citrus.  Here are some fabulous vintage finds with some price tags that are even better than 'cheap as chips' high street prices.  These red jeans at SadieBass are gorgeous.
High Waist Orange Jeans 90s
Wowser! Juicy orange jeans from Zvezdana.

Whilst a lot of the bright 80s jeans have a baggy or tapered leg, if you check out this Tutorial over at Cut Out and Keep you can restyle them to bang up to date skinny jeans like this.  Lovely lemon yellow!
Completed Project: Skinny Jeans Picture #1
Super crisp apple green jeans from ThePirates.
Apple Green Levi 506 Jeans  - W30 L34, hand dyed
I adore these fabulous turquoise blue jeans over at Newman & Hall.

Vintage 90's Wrangler Blue High Waisted Jeans
How about these gorgeous violet jeans from Kathrynebordeux.
Royal Purple BONGO classic high waist Jeans tapered skinny leg with button fly
Did you see the colour pattern emerging?  My ever favourite colours of the rainbow, apart from indigo, which is pretty much a standard jean.  Who would have thought denim could be so yummy?

So I'm ending on a high with traditional jeans but with super cute rainbow badges on the back.  Check them out at BoudoirBarbie.
High Waisted & wide leg 70's Rainbow pocket Jeans size 3/4
Now get out there ladies and get yourself some jeans in super hot colours and be 'so on trend' Ooh La La!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Rainbows, Hexagons and Patchwork, what's not to love?

I don't know what it is, but I have such a Blogging block right now.  Inspiration fails me, and as always every day life just gets in the way.  It's not like I'm not sewing or researching future projects, so with this in mind I'll share some rainbow, hexagons and patchwork that I've been searching to inspire me for a gift I plan to make my eldest sister for her 50th Birthday.

To begin with a glorious bundle of fabric from  Wowser! To receive a squishy parcel in the post containing that would just make me giddy with joy - especially if it was a surprise!!!!  (Hmmm, mental note - my birthday's in May, how can I drop hints to Mr???

The Trinity Quilt
This isn't quite what I had in mind for my sister, but it is a Whoa! moment.  It's called Trinity by Kathy K Wylie.  To quote her website "Trinity is a model of unity for humanity. The individual hexagons, distinct on their own, blend together seamlessly. Even in diversity, there can be harmony and unity."  Absolutely glorious!

I adore this pillow by The Crafty Nomad, which was partly inspired by...
ticker tape
This Ticker Tape Quilt by Crazy Mom Quilts.  Which does make me want to make one right now!
The Craft Nomad was also inspired by this fabulous Scrap Busting Fall Pillow (link takes you to Tutorial).  And inspired by this fabulous tree by stitched in colour.
Mosaic Tree & Hexagon Tree
Who was inspired by this 'cute as a butterfly's toes' pin cushion by Little Miss Shabby.

Here are some more lovely hexagons.
This pillow is by Elsie's Girl.

I love this table runner by diary of a quilter, especially the fussy cut cherries - although my sister isn't a table runner kind of gal.
Rainbow Hexagon Tutorial
I love this photo of patchwork rainbow hexagons, 'outside the box' thinking as they say.  This fabuous work is from Cut To Pieces.

I have to say I'm feeling truly inspired, there's something so special about rainbows.

Thank you as always for taking the time to drop by, especially as I'm not Blogging quite as often these days!