Sunday, 24 April 2011

What Can I Say..... I'm Sorry!

Fabric Button Pocket Mirror - I'm sorry... by Noei, Etsy
I just wanted to apologise for not Blogging on a regular basis lately but I have been super busy working on a new Website.  I cannot tell you how excited I am about it, if it comes together it will be a dream come true.  As soon as it is up and running you all will be the first to know about it.  I wish I could give you a sneak peek but even the logo and banner are still on the drawing board.

Well have a great rest of the Easter Holiday (here's wishing the sun continues to shine) and thank you, as always, for dropping by.  ;)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Maxi Skirt A Staple Of The Summer Wardrobe.

Boho, Gypsy or Broomstick, whatever you want to call them, a maxi skirt is more versatile than a dressyou can dress them up with a blouse or go relaxed in a vest.  Flattering for any shape and comfortable on long hot days shopping or at a 'formal do'.

The first one to catch my eye is  a 70s Bright Paisley Print Maxi Skirt at LoveStreetVintage, Etsy.  I just love the colours!
70s South West Motif Maxi Skirt at LoveStreetVintage, Etsy
Another skirt from LoveStreetVintage, more subtle than the previous design.  Great with black accessories to dress it up or camel accessories for a less formal look.
70s Boho Black & White Maxi Skirt at FunkyKittyVintage, Etsy
It's not always about the colour, this black and white skirt is so dramatic and stunning!
Vintage Day At The Beach Skirt 1stlove, Etsy
White gypsy skirts were seen on the catwalk this season and are selling like hot cakes on Ebay, I know because I've been trying to grab a 'bargain' but to no avail.  I know I know, I should make one myself.
Hand Printed Indian Cotton Wrap Around Skirt at indigoindia, Etsy
You can't beat Indian Cotton for a lovely lightweight cotton, perfect for the Summer.
70s Boho Wrap Skirt at ReCultivation, Etsy
I love the skirts with ethnic designs and these soft pastel shades are so feminine, the detail is divine.
70s Cotton Batik Wrap Skirt at Gazellagirl, Etsy
And these earthy tones give a completely different look to an ethnic design.  I'm not sure which one I prefer, if my purse would allow I would probably have both!
Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Black Wrap Skirt at VixenDesigner, Etsy
A stunning skirt from the Designer of the original Wrap Dress.  Part of a two piece outfit, the blouse is being sold separately by the Seller.
Taresh Boho Maxi Skirt at LuvStoneVintage, Etsy

More 'pretty in black', the red and green detail just gives it a lift!
Arican Women Print Wrap Circle Skirt at ButchWaxVintage, Etsy

Lastly, but by no means least a skirt with a lovely hand printed African ladies design.  I love the elephants running along the lower border.

If you've been inspired to buy click on the picture heading to be taken to the shop.  

Or if you've been inspired to make your own maxi skirt, without a pattern, check out these great Tutorials!
Happy Shopping or Sewing, two of my favourite pastimes!  What style skirt is your favourite?

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

How To Amuse A 6 Year Old Daughter With 'Cabin Fever'!

First of all find a scrap piece of fabric such as curtain lining, about 3" wide.  Sorry I didn't measure it at the time, but I would say maybe 20" long.
Get her to carefully cut out some pattern pieces with tissue paper.
Fold your piece of scrap fabric in half width ways and pin together.  Pin and draw round your pattern onto the fabric (I'm not sure how clear this photo is).
At the slowest sewing speed, carefully sew around the pattern designs, remembering to leave an opening at the straight end of each piece.

Turn your sewn pieces inside out and iron flat (we used a cute polka dot fabric for ear linings).

  • Stuff all pieces (apart from ears).  
  • Sew legs inside the base of body.
  • Fold in ends of arms and attach to body.
  • Fold in ends of ears and sew to top of head.  
  • Finish by embroidering the sweetest Bunny face you can muster.

Funnily she just didn't look at all Bunny like until she had a face.  Amelie has named her Violet, at some point we will make her some clothes and give her some dignity.

This pattern is so easy it can be hand sewn with running stitch for the complete beginner (young and old).

I hope you enjoyed this brief tutorial and have fun making your own Bunny with a bored 'little one' kicking round the house, especially with the Easter Holidays coming up.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Well I'm Happier Now The New Riley Blake Fabric Is In Stores!

Happier in Blue at XOgigi, Etsy

At long last  Happier from Deena Rutter has finally arrived in the shops.  The collection for Riley Blake is as cute as a 'butterflies toes' and I have no doubt will fly off the shelves for everyone's Spring projects.
White Bugs at TheIntrepidThread Etsy
Nothing scary about these charming bugs, they could be used for boy or girl projects.
Green Birds at TheIntrepidThread, Etsy
I'm so glad birds aren't going out of fashion in the fabric world yet and these are adorable with their long legs and sweet flower in the middle.
Garden In Blue at TheSproutzStore, Etsy
These divine flowers are so much fun, their simplicity has to be a winner!
Happier Blue Bundle at DizyDaisy, Etsy
Here's a Blue bundle of the Collection, simply wonderful!
Happier In Green at TheIntrepidThread, Etsy
And here's a lovely fresh green bundle, charming!
Happier in Orange/Natural at Fabricworm, Etsy
And finally juicy orange, so warm and cheerful!
I hope you enjoyed checking out this super collection, if you are inspired and want to buy  just click on the picture heading to be taken straight to the shop.  What great project do you have in mind for it?  Maybe Easter gifts?
As always, thanks for dropping by!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Dotty For Vintage Ditzy, The Fabric For This Season!

It seems pretty Ditzy Floral is the fabric to where this season.  I'm not entirely sure some of these cute short dresses are quite me.  I think a long floral skirt is probably something a bit more becoming of a 40 something.  Anyway, here are a selection of florals to get you in the Summer Garden Party mood.
Vintage 1970s Tea Rose Floral Dress at Thistleandlace, Etsy

This is such a gorgeous emerald green, setting off the pink flowers perfectly.
Vintage Floral Babydoll Dress at shhstoptalking, Etsy

This is a great kookie dress, perfect for the Summer filled festivals.
Vintage 70s Floral Fitted Tea Party Dress at PonyGirlVintage, Etsy

There can never be too many Vintage tea dresses in this world!
Floral Dress at Since1985, Etsy

Cute Indie style, maybe wear with black leggings or over jeans.
Floral Summer Picnic Dress at staceyhendrickson, Etsy

Another cheeky indie dress.
Vintage Floral Strapless Dress/Skirt at Paintadress, Etsy
This is probably more my style, worn as a maxi skirt.
Vintage Floral High Waisted Skirt at rollerscait, Etsy

And a couple of skirts to wear with a vest and maybe gladiator sandals.
Vintage Flower Skirt with Bow at aspirina, Etsy

Lovely pastels, so fresh!
Sweetheart Garden Floral Maxi Dress at Ramonawest, Etsy

And the finale, a great maxi dress, I'm so glad the maxi dress trend has continued from last Summer - so flattering!

I hope you enjoyed checking out these great Florals, if you want to buy or inspired just click on the picture heading for the link.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend!   :)