Saturday, 22 October 2011

Pinterest -v- FB and Introducing Ingrid Wagner

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With this Repin from Susan Sobon on Pinterest, I have had the most Repins and Likes - but I think the comment says it all.

I'm afraid I am a big Follower of Pinterest on the basis of it being so inspirational.  I almost find my Pinterest account to be a second Blog, because you're pinning what interests you and what you want to pass on to fellow Pinners.  And it's so easy to add what you want to 'show and tell'.

My favourite has to be Tutorials, which brings me to be next 'gem' from The Knitting and Stitching show.  On Pinterest I found this Tutorial.

Puff Daddy Knitted Stool (or Pouf as some of us know it) from Pickles on Pinterest.

Or for inspiration check out these Urchin Poufs from Christien Meinderstsma.

In the Tutorial they recommend 19 US Needles with 3 threads of super chunky yarn.  Or you could check out Ingrid Wagner with her rather large knitting needles.
You can buy them here.
Big Knit Needles
Big Knit Needles 1.2m, 400mm, 600mm (measurements are correct).
Big Knit Yarn
Now I don't usually post about Knitting as strictly speaking it's not 'fabric' but Ingrid's Big Knit Yarn is recycled 1" diameter selvedge of newly woven wool fabric, which would otherwise be discarded as waste after industrial weaving has finished. It is sourced from UK mills and from Italy and France, and comes with colour and pattern already woven in.
Big Knit Cushion III
You can also buy ready made items, such as this cushion,
Poppet’s Pouffe Kit
Or kits like this Pouffe.

Ingrid was recently featured on This Morning as Guinness World Record Holder Big Knitting (using her recycled fiber yarn).

There is so much more to say about Ingrid, so check out her website HERE for more information about her Textile Art as well as Knitting and Crochet work.

What would you make with these Big Needles and Big Yarn?


Jenny said...

Wow, I can't even imagine how someone would knit with needles as big as that, that is amazing!!!! I can't knit though I'm afraid, though I am thinking of learning, once I have mastered the crochet! hehe. And as you know I too am a big Pinterest fan, though limit myself to 10 mins or so each day :) It is a wonderful resource to have avaliable tho xx

Sara said...

Those are crazy cool!!!

Wonder how much she sells those baby's for?!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Oh, I love those pouffes (or 'puffy/puffies' as my family calls them - can't decide if it's a family thing or a Northern thing!!) I would love to knit one of those but there's no way I could knit with those needles! I've not ventured into Pinterest - I have enough of a job trying to keep up with blogs and Flickr!!

Kandi said...

Gorgeous post with beautiful pics, I love that extreme crochet. I totally agree with Pinterest it's so much more effective than blogger for keeping track of ideas and inspiration, I'm a true addict!
Kandi x

Anonymous said...

Yes, another Pinterest addict here. Such a useful way of keeping stuff you want to refer back to in the same place too.. Better than bookmarks! The pouffes are fab.