Monday, 3 October 2011

New Items On The

There have been lots of items added to The Fabric Marketplace over the past couple of weeks and I thought I would share a few of them with you.
Sherbet Pips Scooters on Cotton Candy Blue by Aneela Hoey A favourite of many long before it was even released.  Released is Spring 2011, but I still think it has a winter look about it.
Sherbet Pips Girl on a Swing by Aneela Hoey on Vanilla More from the Sherbet Pips collection, which will be a classic for a long time.
Cath Kidston Floral/Paisley Bundle  A classic designer and a nice shabby chic collection.
Cath Kidston Cowboy Stars and Spots Bundle Blue/Red  It's always good to see something for the boys, I like this collection as it's not 'just blue', the red really gives it a lift.
Adorable Japanese Kawaii Fabric Pandas in Pink or Blue I have a weakness for Japanese Import Fabrics and this one fits the bill perfectly.
Kimono Girls Japanese Import Cotton on Cream  A gorgeous design that's not so easy to find these days, but one of my favourites.

Vintage Mini Magazine  - Soft Toys  Fabulous vintage designs that are so 'on trend'.

Halloween Trick or Treat Bag
Great fun - only a few weeks to go.

VW Van Doorstop I love this doorstop, the VW Van is such an iconic design, it's really simple but is so evocative of relaxed and carefree times.
Listing items on The Fabric Marketplace is incredibly easy:
  1. Log In as your Seller ID
  2. From the right hand column select My Products.
  3. On the 'My Products' page on the right select the box Add New.
  4. On the 'My Catalog' page choose your chosen Category.
  5. If available select Sub Category (Leaf Level Category).
  6. On the 'My Products Under This Category' page cursor down the page to "Add New Product Here".
All the information you need to add about your item is completed on one page, it couldn't be easier.

If for any reason you do experience any problems or have any suggestions do let me know as all feedback is greatly appreciated.  Contact me on emma (at)


Jenny said...

I saw some Sherbet Pips today when I was out fabric shopping - thought of you!! Sadly I had far too many other fabrics I really 'needed' to buy so it will have to wait for another time, but I do really like it! Glad your websites doing well x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

He He, I just bought both CK's! Thanks Chuckie xx

Really must put some felt on here, just so busy!

Emma Thomsen said...

Thanks for dropping by Jenny, that's so sweet that you thought of me! I do love the Sherbet Pips range! X Hi Annie, those CK bundles are just perfect glad you liked them enough to buy them! X