Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Meet The Gang Fabric by Creative Thursday AKA Marisa Haedike

Spotlight on Creative Thursday also known as Marisa Haedike.

Her true loves are Colour - The Arts - Creating - especially Daily Painting and newest love Sewing - Music - Podcasts and Podcasting!  Teaching - Food - Wine - Laughing with friends who are like family and family who are like friends - Travel - Flowers - the Ocean - Freedom - LOVE!

Meet The Gang - Her First line of Fabric, available from Creative Thursday.
Meet the gang blog
  • Marisa has shown a creative flair all her life, having a background in advertising, acting, graphic design and interior design.  
  • Since returning to California ten years ago she decided to trust her inner artist and with an entrepreneurial spirit found a home in the limitless design of all things creative, including the newest ventures such as teaching in person and online and video blogging. 
  • She works in many mediums including writing, acting, furniture, fabric design, sewing, photography and painting.
  • So what is Creative Thursday?  Marisa is only truly happy when she's being creative and when working 9 to 5 in Colorado with hardly any true creative time, decided that at least one day a week, Thursdays, was set aside for Fun and Creativity.  And this is how CREATIVE THURSDAY was born.
Meet the Gang FABRIC BUNDLE citrus/melon
Her website is just full of creative inspiring words with an enthusiasm that's contagious!  Here is some of her delightful artwork also available in her shop, Creative Thursday.

the gang celebrates
The Gang Celebrates
Meet the Gang Embroidery stitching PATTERN
Meet The Gang Embroidery Stitching Pattern
Creative Thursday Alphabet - orange
Creative Thursday Alphabet
sunday bunny ORIGINAL
Sunday Bunny
tiny dancers LIMITED EDITION
Tiny Dancers
Memory Game
Creative Thursday Memory Game

I hope you've enjoyed checking out some of Marisa's work and in particular her new fabric line, Meet The Gang (I've already put my order in for some of her fabric).  To find out more click HERE to her website.

Thank you for dropping by.


The undomesticated scientist said...

like sunday bunny! swap pairs for the stocking swap are on the blog. as is a giveaway!

Archie the wonder dog said...

How fabulous are her designs! I have the wanties, again!

Anonymous said...

I love the Tiny Dancers!

Emma Thomsen said...

Thank you for dropping by ladies, I'm glad you enjoyed checking out this fabulous new fabric collection and the designers super cute artwork. Definitely one to follow in the future.

Unknown said...

thank you again for sharing my work with your readers Emma!