Friday, 9 September 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Perfect Sewing Space

What I would do for a 'dedicated sewing space', where my sewing machine could live without being disturbed.  Where projects could sit, for days if necessary, until I can pick them up again.  Alas, right now that's just not going to happen.  But I can dream until then, right?

My first perfect space belongs to the Scientific Seamstress who also happens to be the creator of the fabulous Periodic Table of Sewing Elements.
And then this gorgeous reds on blue sewing room, which belongs to Jenny B Allsorts.  How much does it make me weep with joy?

This space seems do-able, just find space for a big wardrobe.  It belongs to Aprons and Apples

Unbelievably neat, I love it!  This fabulous sewing closet belongs to Gwenny Penny as featured on Craftaholics Anonymous.

I love this space at the very least for the beautifully organised threads.  Fesatured on Beauty In Everything but with no indication who owns it!

Check out this beauty over at Sew Many Ways.

Oh to just have a dedicated sewing space!  Chaletgirl is a lucky girl!

This is so simple but perfect! Featured on Desire to Inspire but unable to find original post or lucky owner!

This fabulous sewing corner belongs to Moline.

Maybe I need to check this book out to get some ideas.

Are you luck enough to have your own dedicated sewing space?  If you have pictures of it do leave us the link so we can all come and have a look.

Thanks for dropping by.


Su said...

Wonderful spaces, I'm not really turning green with envy! And as for those beautifully organised threads... I LOVE!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Gorgeous sewing spaces - they put mine to shame!

Tabatha Tweedie said...

Wow - all so lovely! I have a dedicated sewing room (not got any photos to hand) but it isn't quite as beautiful as these ones! I'm in the process of moving house though so I'll be sure to use some of these photos for inspiration for the next one! Thanks Emma!

Debs said...

Aren't they lovely!
I'm lucky enough to have recently dedicated a spare room in my home to a work space and have moved out of my garden studio to work indoors. I have written about it on my blog:

Jenny said...

Oh you've picked some good 'uns!! hehe. Lovely spaces... the ideas people have for storing their bits and bobs are great, I certainly have used a few in my studio. I know I'm so lucky to have such a dedicated space for my work at home and that it may not always be possible, so am making the most of it (my sewing mojo's back by the way! Have spent the last four days sewing away making mirrors, hurray!) Anyway I know you've already seen the pics, but here is the link again :)


Becky said...

LOL, i just have to laugh because these spaces are all just so gorgeous. I am lucky enough to have a dedicated sewing space (which is also the dining room) and I have to say, it NEVER looks like that. It's always like a sewing bomb went off. haha! Oh to have a sewing space that looks like your photos. :)

Caroline Lovis (Redneedle) said...

I feel it's best not to torment my self with images as gorgeous as these. Am currently in negotiations with the rest of my family over a piece of floor space in my house

Linnhe Mara said...

Ooh, I am envious. Although I have a dedicated sewing space it's no where near as scrumptious as any of these. I don't know how everyone manages to keep them so tidy!
I tried to work on my storage problem last year as you can see in this post

but it is still very much a work in progress. Thanks for the images for inspiration.

Emma Thomsen said...

Thank you all for dropping by, I'm glad you have been inspired. You have some gorgeous sewing spaces too!

Jackie said...

I have a tiny spare bedroom...its a mess I have to confess. I really want a huge square table that I can walk around...ho hum...all my stuff is in piles. Under tables and rammed into spaces too small.

Danielle said...

I'm dreaming of a sewing space to call my own, too. I've got about 12 years to go!:)

Linda said...

The rooms you've shown put mine to shame, but I have just moved my space into a new room and reorganized it. Like all spaces, it will "morph" over time, but here is a post showing it:

the textured leaf said...

Firstly, why didnt I think of naming my blog 'its all about the fabric'? so jealous right now, haha.
I think you totally nailed it with how im feeling right now. thank you for your thoughts.

p.s. Where have you been all my blog life?

Country Cottage Chic said...

Well, now I am really green with envy!

Domestic Artisan said...

Wouldn't it be lovely to not have to factor in packing up before dinner into your sewing time! One day!

Anonymous said...

Here's how I organized my sewing room. And trust me, it doesn't stay this clean for long once I start a project! =)