Friday, 30 September 2011

My Work In Progress

I thought I would share a couple of WIPs with you.  I have this bundle of indigo batik cotton in my stash that I have loved so much that I haven't used until the perfect project came up.  Last weekend I came to the conclusion that 'the only way is hexies' and made these 43x 4" English Patchwork hexies.
I won't sew them all together like this as it makes me dizzy (white noise comes to mind).  So will probably make up some white hexies for a Grandmothers Garden quilt.

Talking of Grandmothers, the fabric has arrived for my Mother In Law's quilt.
Some of you may recall she has been treated for cancer over the past year (still on going) and I have wanted to make her a special quilt for a while.  I have finally found the quilt that would suit her to a tee.  I'm hoping to have it made and ready for Christmas, but it would be great to give it to her sooner.

And here is the very first block.
She will love all the pink and flowers with the crisp white.

I hope you enjoyed sharing my latest WIPs, it's nice having projects in the background that you can pick up and put down on occasions when you need some peaceful 'sewing therapy'.

Thank you for dropping by, have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sneak Peek at Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters Book

The delightful Katy over at I'm a Ginger Monkey has finally been allowed to 'let the cat out of the bag' so to speak, and tell us about a fabulous book she's been working on with some of her "reallyreallyREALLY good friends".

" Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters was born out of our shared history as four modern quilters who came together as a team: specifically, a history of collaborating in swaps and virtual quilting bees.  For that reason, we devoted a large portion of our book to quilt blocks — a mix of block patterns and ideas both traditional and modern, classic and original, and all with our own twist.  All are perfect for those participating in quilting bees, or who love making sampler quilts, pillows, or projects featuring a single block design.  And as a nod to our continued evolution, those block patterns are complemented by a selection of larger sewn project ideas, from placemats to pillows to full-sized quilts, all mixed together with a few surprises."

In the meantime you can read even more about it over at Fat Quarterly or pre-order it for May 2012 release at Amazon..... Hmm my birthday is in May!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Sew Magazine News Story

I just wanted to share some exciting news.  I have been contacted by Sew Magazine and they wish to do a News Story on the launch of my new website

It will be in their next issue, which will be on sale 21st October.  I am so thrilled I can't begin to tell you.
  • You can check out the Sew Magazine website here
  • Follow them on Twitter here.
  • And FaceBook here. (I've had a mention there too - woohoo!!!)
As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Shark -v- Alien

You know me I rarely post about anything but fabric but thought it would be fun, and maybe give you something to smile about, to post a photo of the cake I made for our youngest son Joshi's 5th birthday.

Joshi asked for Shark v Alien and I found the shark (and kind of the alien) design from the book Gorgeous and Gruesome Cakes for Kids.

It went down a treat with the boys!


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle and it's mine all mine!!!!

I'm a 'winner winner chicken dinner' thanks to the Delicious Annie the Felt Fairy's great Giveaway and my prize was this fabulous book.  When I flicked through I squealed with delight, all the pages are jammed full of 'must do' projects.  Here are some of my favourites:
This bag is gorgeous, the red ticking shows it off fabulously, the red velvet ribbon addition is genius!
I'm definitely going to make a navy one of these for my daughter to wear to school, it would really suit her!  Tres Chic!
I had to slip in a bird project somewhere!
Gorgeous throw made with lovely cottons and velvet.  It would be lovely to snuggle under watching all the Christmas TV!
Jolly apples to hang on the Christmas Tree.
Cute poncho for little girls (and a project for older ones too).
You could make these super Babushka Dolls with really Christmassy print fabric.  At least this print gives them year round life.
I'm in love with red ticking, thanks to this book.  This cute gift tote is so simple but the fabric makes it so fresh!

I hope you enjoyed a little flick through of my new book, my only grumble is under You Will Need, for the projects it just says 'material', you have to work it out for yourself from the pattern.  I know it's not rocket science, but it would be kind of nice to have it all worked out.

Now I'm off to buy some fabric (lucky me) for a quilt project I have in mind from this book.  101 Fabulous Rotary Cut Quilts.
This Double Irish Chain I'm hoping to make in white, pink and red for my Mother In Law.
And this heavenly Split Rail Fence for my Husband, which will end up being used by the children no doubt.

Thank you for sharing the joy of my Giveaway win (thanks Annie) and showing off my planned projects.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Who's Been A Busy Bee.....

I thought I would share some of the lovely work a few of my Bloggy Buddies have been up to.  Such as the talented Sally of Ditzy and Dotty who made this charming VW Camper Van doorstop, it's such a classic.  Now for sale (quick plug).

Some fabulous Felt Christmas Puddings by the divine Annie the Felt Fairy.

Clever Jenny Arnott has a mention in Crafts Beautiful.

And the delightful undomesticated scientist has been whipping up bags (like there's no tomorrow) for her Folksy shop.  And if you love the fabric, she's selling the remnants on (another quick plug).
Ruby Star Spring Quilt - Finish! by Sarah @ pingsandneedles
Whilst wonderful Sarah over at PingsandNeedles finally finished a quilt for herself, the gorgeous fabrics are "Ruby Star Spring by Melody Miller for Kokka, Kona & Klona cotton solids; Orange, lilac, beige & acid limey lemon linen in varying weights". Fabulous!

I just want to ask, during this post I mentioned my website, (as some of you may know), now I try not to push it too much and be a complete bore about it, but are these mentions OK with you?  Do they interfere with your reading pleasure, or do you completely not mind?  Please do comment.

I promise this is the last bit.... I would also mention, I'm getting a steady flow of people registering as users (buyers) and I kind of can't 'plug it' as much as I'd like until there's more stuff on there, so if you need somewhere else to sell your bits and pieces for Christmas you know where we are,

Take care!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Can You Help?

Bass blocks for Amy and Anabel
Unfortunately life has a bad habit of kicking good folk in the teeth: Amy & Anabel.  But then good friends come along and do their best to 'kiss it better' in their own special way: Katy & Sarah

If you would like to share some comfort and kindness in a way only blogging sewers can click here - give worldwide hugs with blocks.

Monica at Happy Zombie's blocks above are a clue to how you can help.

Thanks for dropping by!

Friday, 9 September 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Perfect Sewing Space

What I would do for a 'dedicated sewing space', where my sewing machine could live without being disturbed.  Where projects could sit, for days if necessary, until I can pick them up again.  Alas, right now that's just not going to happen.  But I can dream until then, right?

My first perfect space belongs to the Scientific Seamstress who also happens to be the creator of the fabulous Periodic Table of Sewing Elements.
And then this gorgeous reds on blue sewing room, which belongs to Jenny B Allsorts.  How much does it make me weep with joy?

This space seems do-able, just find space for a big wardrobe.  It belongs to Aprons and Apples

Unbelievably neat, I love it!  This fabulous sewing closet belongs to Gwenny Penny as featured on Craftaholics Anonymous.

I love this space at the very least for the beautifully organised threads.  Fesatured on Beauty In Everything but with no indication who owns it!

Check out this beauty over at Sew Many Ways.

Oh to just have a dedicated sewing space!  Chaletgirl is a lucky girl!

This is so simple but perfect! Featured on Desire to Inspire but unable to find original post or lucky owner!

This fabulous sewing corner belongs to Moline.

Maybe I need to check this book out to get some ideas.

Are you luck enough to have your own dedicated sewing space?  If you have pictures of it do leave us the link so we can all come and have a look.

Thanks for dropping by.