Monday, 15 August 2011

Janet Beckers Will Grill a Top Copywriter for 20 minutes. What would you ask?

I have known about 'online marketing guru' Janet Beckers of WonderfulWebWomen for nearly a year now and have found her tips and advice invaluable and thought you might find her latest interview really useful.
She will be interviewing one of Australia’s top copywriters.  He has generated millions of dollars of EXTRA sales online for his clients and is responsible for the marketing behind taking Sir Richard Branson out to Australia.
Imagine spending just 20 minutes with him to squeeze as many highly profitable and converting tricks, tips and tactics from his mind as possible.
What would you ask Bret Thomson at the Lunch Time Grill?
Register with WonderfulWebWomen where you can enter your most pressing questions on creating great sales letters that really convert.

Janet will pick the best questions and grill Bret hard for the 20 minutes.

This is Bret's promise to Janet:

“I promise to take in one huge breath at the start of the call and
fire out everything I’ve got, then exhale after the 20 minute call.

All the advanced, yet easily applied, copywriting gems that I use (and have used)
to generate several millions of dollars of EXTRA sales for my clients online.

I’d advise your listeners to do some hand and finger warm-up sessions before the call
because they’ll have to type or write lightning fast.

My promise to your listeners? They’ll walk away with a bunch of highly valuable
take-home actions that can be implemented immediately to instantly boost their conversions online. “
Here are the dates and times:
Australia: Sydney. 12 midday Friday 19th August

USA: Thursday 18th August. East Coast: 10 pm Pacific Coast: 7pm

UK: Friday 19th August 3am (Get your beauty sleep. Send your questions in beforehand and Janet will send you the recording in time for breakfast.)

There will be a replay available immediately after the live call for everyone who registers.

I can't wait as I know it's going to be really useful!

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