Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Stroke of Luck Has Helped My Sewing Season...

I call it my 'sewing season' because it's coming up to the end of the Summer Term and I have to rack my brains as to what to make the children's teachers (and their teaching assistants).

Previously it has been various lap quilts, wrapped sterling silver jewellery, lavender bags and seed bead bracelets (I went through a jewellery making phase a couple of years ago).

Right back to my stroke of luck and the super lunch bag you see above.  Well, recently I was lucky enough to win the sewing pattern of a Yum Yum lunch bag designed by the very talented Sally of Ditzy&Dotty.

Check out her Blog and website as she designs and makes some really cute and cool bags and purses.

And with just a Fat Quarter (I chose Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey), a FQ of remnant curtain lining and some interfacing, all of which most of us have in our stash.  I managed to whiz the bag up in less than 2 hours, you'll probably do it in less as I had to do some unpicking and re-stitching (I'm a bit under the weather at present so errors were expected).

I haven't added the fastening button as I didn't have one in my stash that I thought would do the bag justice, I have a few days yet to find one.

I am so pleased with the result as I've always been nervous of making a bag (all that interfacing talk put me off) and for a first attempt it's not too bad.

So this will be for my eldest son's teaching assistant who's a very sweet neighbour too, which justifies the effort.

Only 3 projects left, two of which I'm waiting on fabric deliveries from Scotland and USA, fingers crossed they arrive soon!

Let me know if you sew gifts for teachers, maybe we can share ideas as I do try to make something different each year.

Thanks as always for dropping by!


memmens said...

I'm in the middle of end of year gifts too, I've sort of let my 6yr old lead it - I'll let you know when it's finished, or keep an eye on my blog next week!

Caroline Lovis said...

We're just past the pressies for teachers stage but I think your lunch bag would make a fantastic gift - it's lovely

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Memmens, I'll definitely watch your Blog for ideas, thank you!

Hi Caroline, thanks for dropping by and thanks for the compliment I really appreciate it!

Ditzy and Dotty said...

I'm glad you liked the pattern Emma - they would be great for teachers presents.

Not sure what teachers presents we're going to make yet. Last year was purses, the year before - make up bags. Am leaning towards a simple beach bag I think.


The undomesticated scientist said...

I cheated and bort some beautiful notebook covers from made with love. They have the teachers name on and are v cute. Re the frock I made, the pattern is on wildflowers and whimsys blog, its quite easy, must be cos I managed it. I went with a polycotten though, saves ironing all those frills!

Becci bunny said...

the lunch bag is brilliant, i love the fabric. im also a bit scared of tackling bags, they always seem really complicated but i may give that one a go. x

Emma Thomsen said...

You're very welcome Ditzy & Dotty!

Thanks Undomesticated Scientist, I'll check that pattern out. Some times life is too short and cheating is the only answer - I don't blame you!

Becci Bunny, go for it, it really is a very easy pattern!

Thanks everyone for dropping by and having your say.