Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Monaluna's Anika & Marin Fabric Has Arrived!

Anika: swedish forest, foxes and henhouses
Do you recall my Sneak Peek Post of 12 November 2010 of Monaluna's Lovely Anika and Marin collections?  Well they are finally in the shops in all their fabulous glory!
Marin: peony, wobbly and peacock feathers
I'm not blogging quite so frequently these days even though so many Spring/Summer collections are arriving, but when the collection is this delicious what is a girl to do???
Marin: soar, tulips, entwined and poppies
Anika: hens, blossoms and polka
Well to begin with I love foxes, adore henhouses, soar is divine and what can I say about swedish forest other than special.  I could continue with the superlatives but I know you can think of many yourselves!

Enjoy the fabric eye candy.

Thanks as always for dropping by!  :)


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

What a lovely load of eye candy! I love fabric collections as they are ready matched - something I am not that good at doing!

Linda said...

These are so pretty!

Jenny said...

Oooh there are some scrummy ones aren't there??? Gorgeous!! x

Emma Thomsen said...

Annie, I know what you mean. I am no good at matching at all, that's why my quilts are shocking! LOL

Hi Linda, they are very pretty, you could do so much with them! :)

Hi Jenny, yes, V scrummy! ;)

hensteeth said...

Emma love, thank you for your constant support.
Wonderful collections of fabrics here, as always and I thought your post about selling scrap bags was extremely useful and inspiring. x