Sunday, 26 June 2011

Great Fabric Makes To Sell For Extra Cash

You've got a super fabric stash and following my post How To Start a Fabric Business With No Or Little Money you've decided you don't want to sell fabric cuts because you've got a creative mind and itchy fingers, so what can you make with your fabric stash for extra cash.

Here are few ideas of items I have made and sold myself, or ideas that have floated around in my head but never had the time to put into practice.

  • Cushions/Pillows: Not just two pieces of fabric sewn and stuffed, try patchwork, applique or drawing/painting/embroidering your own design on them.  Find some really super vintage stuffed toy patterns and make larger versions for cushions.
  • Softies: where do I begin? Softies aren't just teddies, Japanese craft books have some great ideas or design your own.  Find vintage patterns so that grandparents can buy 'yester-year' toys that they had as children to give to their grandchildren (maybe in contemporary fabrics).  Birds such as owls and doves are popular at the moment, maybe try another style to be different and original - how about penguins?  The penguin found on the south Australian coast is very topical!
  • Skirts: I've always thought wrap skirts would sell well (I've had lots of compliments for the ones I've made and wear when collecting the kids from school).  You could find some great fabrics and with a basic Large, Medium or Small they're almost one size fits all.  Check out this link at Crafster for details how to make your own wrap skirt pattern.  Or even how to make a gypsy (broomstick) skirt here at Ericas with an elastic waist.
  • Handbags/Purses:  A very popular item to make and sell, so you would need to create some really original ideas.  Maybe the fabric you use or applique designs and embellishments onto a solid coloured fabric.  As with cushions maybe embroider or draw your own designs onto them. (I love getting out a little handmade purse when shopping).
  • Embroidery as an embellishment to patterned fabric - in a hoop as a ready made frame or maybe onto a practical item such as a glasses case, coin purse or pillow.
  • Fabric Buttons: great supplies for other crafters to embellish their own work or sell them made into accessories yourself.
That's kind of it for ideas that are personal favourites, although I know there are many many more that some of you wonderful Bloggers create that are just far beyond my expertise or indeed patience.  Such as art, jewellery, quilts, kitchen accessories, clothing, hats, aprons.  Wowser! I could go on and on but I won't.

I hope this has helped a little to get the old creative juices flowing and give you some ideas how to make that extra cash.

Does anyone have any ideas that are completely outside the box that I just haven't touched upon yet?


Jenny said...

All really good ideas, definitely little things such as badges and brooches sell well too - they are good for impulse buys or as presents as they are usually not too expensive! xx

Linnhe Mara said...

I agree with Jenny. Brooches are one of my best sellers at craft fairs, and there are so many different ways of making them.
Bookmarks are another option,again using various techniques, although the popularity of the kindle might put paid to that.

Caroline Lovis said...

Lots of good ideas, thank you. Definitely need to be a bit more unique to set yourself apart from the other sellers.

Emma Thomsen said...

Thank you for your comments ladies, brooches are always a lovely little thing to buy at a craft fair. I like little softies on key rings too (rather the kids do) as they love putting them on their school book bags and rucksacks. Which is great to help identify them in a pile of bags! Thank you all for dropping by!