Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Alexander Henry's Latest Fabric Is Ghastly!

I mean it literally, the Ghastlies are a wonderfully creepy yet utterly charming collection of illustrations for Alexander Henry fabric.
-Alexander Henry Fabrics

Haunted House, Ghastlies at EmmasFabric, The Fabric Marketplace

Ghastlies in Smoke at FreshModernFabric, Etsy
Ghastly Bat at Kaedescorner, Etsy

Clover in Olive at EmmasFabric, The Fabric Marketplace
The designs are reminiscent of the wonderful works of children's author Roald Dahl, illustrator Edward Gorey and Movie Director Tim Burton.  All that horrible scary stuff children love and just want to read more and more of.

'According to all sources' it's flying off the shelves so buy some in good time for your Halloween Projects.

If you like this creepy style, check out my previous post about Danielle at Sew Creepy Confections.  She should do the same as Alexander Henry  and have some of her divine 'pencil outline' designs printed onto fabric - it would go down a storm I am sure.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed being creeped out in 'flaming June'.


Danielle said...

This will come as no surprise but... I love these fabrics! :)
And, thank you for mentioning me and my darlings in this post. I'm honored!

Linda said...

I LOVE these fabrics!!!!

Caroline Lovis said...

Some of these designs are reminiscent of a wallpaper I had in my bedroom as a child. Trolls! It's a wonder I ever got to sleep. Can see the appeal of these fabrics though

Scarlett said...

I do love A. Henry's fabric (bit of a soft spot for the pin up ones) so loving this new print! Scarlett x

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Danielle, I thought you might like it! Hi, Linda, I love them too! Hi Caroline, I'm curious to see those curtains!!! Hi Scarlett, A Henry to some really fun fabrics, the pin up ones are great! Thanks everyone for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment, I love to know what you're thinking when you read my Blog. E x

Jenny Louise said...

I love the ghastly fabrics too! I found them a while ago, and just couldn't get the cats out of my brain! they're so strange and sketchy, so I just had to buy some in the end.