Monday, 30 May 2011

I Wish I Could Silk Screen Print...

... but I think the mess and paraphernalia would drive my husband up the pole.  Take a little 'look see' at some of the work I found on Etsy.  My first choice is Exotic Face Print Pillow by PierroStudios, Etsy
Here are some of Jane Foster's classic Retro Scandanavian Pop Art Fabric Cats from her shop on Etsy.  You can't beat her fresh and clean designs.

Black Crow have some gorgeous original designs so I thought I would feature two designs from their Etsy shop.  The First is Art Nouveau Stained Glass and the second is Art Nouveau.

I love this divine tablecloth with birds in flight by ryababy at Etsy.
How about the iconic image of a VW Bus on a Onesie?  Too cute, check out Rabbitapparel, Etsy for more funky screen printed t shirts, bags and onesies. 

I love the sentiment of this T shirt, I think it should be standard issue in all schools!  CultivateYourKarma at Etsy have even more lovely stuff like this, including a grown up version of this T.

So, just a taster of some super designs.  I try to feature at least 10 but it's really late and I have website planning at the back of my mind.  Don't get me started on Website hosting, it's all too Techy for me, I'm kind of stuck but I have a friend I can call tomorrow.

Have a great rest of the week, thinking of all you parents out there (who like me) have kids on half term - see you on the other side!  ;)


Linda said...

Thank you for sharing. This inspires me.!

Emma Thomsen said...

Thanks Linda, it's good when that happens! X

hensteeth said...

A very inspiring post Emma. I adore hand silk screen printed... anything. My job which I just gave up was a silk screen print technician for our local art college, which I miss very much :-(

Emma Thomsen said...

Lucky you Hensteeth, sounds like it was a dream job. And you're still producing beautiful work, just in a different medium! ;)

Sconch Textiles said...

Hi there!

I have just discovered your blog (through The Felt Fairy's blog) - what lovely fabric!

Looking forward to browsing through your earlier blogposts for more yummy fabric :)

Sam x

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Sam, thanks for following! Just checked out your Blog, love your 'weird celebrity crushes' post, I have left you mine! LOL