Saturday, 7 May 2011

Monica at Happy Zombie Asks 'Can't We All Just Get/Quilt Along?"

I'm always shocked when I read about negative and mean comments on the internet and then it's justified with 'just keeping it real'.  I'm fortunate enough not to have experienced it first hand but it seems some people just can't help themselves.  Check out Monica at Happy Zombie's post as an experienced Blogger she has a very insightful view and in her words asks 'let's just keep it polite'.

As I commented on Monica's Blog, people who write negative stuff are simply doing what my 4 year old son does when he wants attention, lifts his t shirt and shows off his belly button.  These 'negative ninnies' are just lifting their t shirts and showing off their belly button because they haven't got anything interesting to say and would otherwise go unnoticed.

Remember as Monica says "Let's Keep It Polite!"


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Well said honey! Keep blogging fun! If you can't say anything nice then keep it shut!! If you really need to say something then surely you should privately email a real problem or concern! Cyber bullying is not nice or welcome!

Linda said...


Emma Thomsen said...

Annie and Linda, I'm so glad you agree and I hope you enjoyed Happy Zombie's Post - she always makes me laugh. Thanks for dropping by and for leaving a comment, I really appreciate it! ;)