Monday, 16 May 2011

From Little Acorns...

You know when you have a brilliant idea that just starts out as a tiny acorn, a seed of a thought that you  wish with all your heart will one day grow into a handsome oak.  Well at the moment I'm working with my tiny acorn, planting it, watering and feeding it and of course nurturing it.  I hope very soon I will be able to share with you my tiny acorn that is slowly beginning to sprout shoots!

Sorry is that too many metaphors?  To make up for it here are some lovely Acorn things...

To start with the fabric and wood acorn keyrings are by TheCupcakeGirls, Etsy.

This really cute acorn fabric is available at Boosterseat at Etsy.
Even cuter Acorn Baby Cap by TadpoleCreations,Etsy
How great is this?  An acorn stencil by TheArtfulStencil, Etsy so you can print your own fabric, what fun!
This is a gorgeous Velvet and Chenille Acorn Pillow by SofaGarden, Etsy, how soft and cuddly must that be.

A charming design of acorns and oak leaves on a tote by Chingstote, Etsy.
And to finish a 'Florida's Oak Trees Quilted Mural' by QuiltFairyKaren, Etsy, and a wish that everyone's acorn becomes a majestic oak!

Do you have an acorn you're wishing will become and oak?

Thanks for dropping by, as always. X


Jenny said...

Looking forward to hearing your news - Sounds v exciting! :) love that acorn print fabric too! xx

Linnhe Mara said...

I have a notebook in which I wrote all the wonderful things my boys said or asked in their early years. It has a picture of oak leaves and the pharse 'tall things from little acorns grow' on the front of it. I thought it was appropriate. :o)

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Linnhe Mara, that is so lovely. It will be fun to look back over with your boys!