Sunday, 24 April 2011

What Can I Say..... I'm Sorry!

Fabric Button Pocket Mirror - I'm sorry... by Noei, Etsy
I just wanted to apologise for not Blogging on a regular basis lately but I have been super busy working on a new Website.  I cannot tell you how excited I am about it, if it comes together it will be a dream come true.  As soon as it is up and running you all will be the first to know about it.  I wish I could give you a sneak peek but even the logo and banner are still on the drawing board.

Well have a great rest of the Easter Holiday (here's wishing the sun continues to shine) and thank you, as always, for dropping by.  ;)


Jenny said...

Happy Easter Emma, hope all's well, your plans sound super exciting, can't wait to hear more! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog just now, isn't the sunny weather just amazing at the minute! Fingers crossed for many more weeks like this :) Jenny x

Danielle said...

Happy Easter to you, too! I'm excited to see your new project. I hope everything goes well with it. Very intriguing! ;)

designed to a T said...

Looking forward to seeing it Emma!!

Happy Easter to you too. We have an extra holiday here in Aus tomorrow to celebrate our heroes the ANZACS (AUS & New Zealand Army Corps) who fought and died for us. ANZAC Day is today but they've given us an extra day off....T

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

I'm struggling to post regularly too, but we all lead busy lives don't we x