Monday, 21 March 2011

L Is For Leaf In Fabric!

I am so on and off with my Fabric A-Z and for that I apologise. As Spring is in the air and leaves are finally budding in the hedgerows I thought the L in fabric had to be Leaf, remember them?  And what a great start, Screenprinted Leaves Tea Towel by Sweetharvey, Etsy.
Vintage Fabric Applique Leaf Pillow By RobinsEggBlue, Etsy
I adore this divine spring green pillow of leaves, to bring the outside in!
Green Leaf Purse Organiser by DivideAndConquer, Etsy
This is such a clever idea, all my shopping bags are just full of so much 'tut'.  I'm not sure there are enough pockets in the world designed for various toy parts, hairbands, used tissues, stones collected to and from school, the same for leaves and small sticks.
Spring Love Birds Set of 2 by VintageGreenLimited, Etsy
I love fabric birds in all their forms and these are particularly spring like with their pretty flowers and delicate leaves.
Basil Green Leaf Desrash/Indonesian Cotton at Terireeswang, Etsy
I have a particular weakness for paisley, I really must buy some to make a summer skirt.  I particularly like this lovely fresh green, Basil describes it perfectly!
Ladybird & Four Leaf Clover Button Magnets by BreadandButtons, Etsy
Darling Ladybirds, or Ladybugs if you're across the pond.  I'm sorry but Ladybird is  a far more 'delicate' name and these beauties are so cute.
Leaping Lizards on Jungle Leaves Handmade Tote by PrettySpooky, Etsy
This caught my eye as we have a leopard gecko, called Alvin.  As much as it was bought for the children, you can guess who has to feed it the live crickets that also need to be fed.  So we kind of have pet crickets to feed the pet gecko - Nice!
Vintage Cream Cotton Trim with Fruit, Leave and Berries at acafterglow, Etsy
This ribbon is so pretty, for some reason it reminds me of my Grandma - even though I don't recall  her actually having any.  Maybe it's the 'vintageness' (is that a word?) of it?
Happy Summer New Circa 60 Beach Mod by Monaluna
at WorthyGoodsTextiles, Etsy

What a great excuse to include some Monaluna, my forever Craft Crush!  You can see the leaves, can't you?
Spring Birds, Leaves & Flowers Fabric Bin by TheSpottedBarn, Etsy
I hope I'm not using 'Leaf' too loosely here, but I love these storage fabric bags/bins.  I kind of do the same with the jumbo 'bag for life' shopping bags you can buy from supermarkets.  But they're nowhere near as chic as some of these gorgeous fabric bags, by any stretch of the imagination!

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of L for Leaf in Fabric, and I hope it gave you a taste of Spring - like we're finally having in London.

One last request, Tabatha Tweedie can you please Email me your address so I can post you the 2011 Sewing Calendar you won.  I have tried E-mailing you through your profile but with no joy.  Many thanks.

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Linnhe Mara said...

I just love the simplicity of that tea towel, and the leaf pillow is wonderful. And the birds, wow! Actually, I would happily have everything you've posted today. This is my favourite time of year and your treasury complements the variety of greens (my favourite colour as you can probably guess from my website and blog!) to be found just now perfectly.

Linda said...

I love the fabrics, the birds, and the buttons! They all feel very spring-like! Thanks for the eye candy!

Jenny said...

A very spring like post, lovely things you've picked out, especially those gorgeous birds and the lovely little magnets, very cute! Glad you are enjoying the sunshine, me too... wish it was a little warmer but we can't have everything now can we? hehe x

Emma Thomsen said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed these lovely leaves - I just can't get enough of them! The sun is still shining here in London AND it's warm too - lovely!!! X