Friday, 11 March 2011

I Took Your Advice And Made The Skirt!

So what do you think?  I used the Versatile Skirt (wrap skirt) by Make It Perfect.

  • The instructions are to measure and mark out your lines directly onto the fabric, but with my 'seamstress (scaredy cat) block' I decided to make the pattern up first using old Christmas Wrapping Paper (a great tip I read recently).
  • The beauty of making yourself a copy of the pattern first means you don't have to do all the measuring out again, just pull out your Christmas Wrap pattern and away you go!

This is a side shot of the waist tie.  I cut the fabric so the ladies would hang the same way as the skirt fabric, which I think works really well.
  • And this is the other side.  
  • I didn't have any contrasting fabric to hand so it's all the same fabric with no hem band  and an inch or so shorter.  But at 20" long it sits quite nicely on my knee.  
  • Once the Summer comes and my knees are a 'rich tea biscuit' colour rather than 'custard cream', I think it will look great with sandals!

  • I'm so delighted with the result, the fit is great just on my hip.  I have already cut the pieces to make it in this fabric, part of the Daisy Chain Collection by Amy Butler.
  • Thank you so much for all your comments on my Giveaway and Eek I Have Seamstress Block posts to give me the confidence to get my machine out and start sewing again!

Last reminder, 4hrs 15 min until my Giveaway closes.  

Thanks for dropping by and GOOD LUCK!


Mimi said...

I knew that this fabric would make a awesome skirt and it looks mahvelous dahling! wink- wink!!

Sarah@PingsAndNeedles said...

the girl done good :) See! We knew you could do it! ... blurry good idea about using the wrapping paper for the patterns - I'm usually scrabbling around sellotaping bits of old lesson plan together LOL

Have a lovely weekend ...

liberal sprinkles said...

ooooh love it!!

Danielle said...


Kristy said...

That is the cutest skirt!

Kimberlee said...

I love it!!!! The skirt was definitly the way to go.

Emma Thomsen said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments, I am absolutely bursting with pride! All we need now is some great weather, roll on the Summer (apologies for wishing my life away).

PootleFlump said...

It looks great!!

Emma Thomsen said...

Thanks PootleFlump, can't wait to wear it!