Thursday, 10 March 2011

EEK, I Have Seamstress Block!

Kidlee, Etsy
finckyfinds, Etsy
HoneymoonBus, Etsy

Look at these fabulous vintage patterns I bought recently to make myself some classic dresses for the Spring/Summer.

My problem is I feel really nervous about getting my sewing machine out and actually starting something.  I have the fabric for at least one dress and I'm even nervous about what fabric to buy for the other dresses.  I think my Giveaway question, about the skirt fabric, probably gives you an idea of how silly I'm being about it right now.  So what is that all about?

I'm an experienced dressmaker, I have even made a dress for a soap (Emmerdale) actress who asked me to make a dress she had designed herself for a TV awards ceremony.

Any advice and encouragement, would be really appreciated!

Don't forget 1 day left before the end of my Giveaway.

Many thanks for dropping by. :)


Linnhe Mara said...

Emma, I would start with the fabric you have and not worry about any more just yet. Get the sewing machine up and running and by the time you are half way through your confidence will have returned.
Have a look at this, it might help

Danielle said...

Having worked so long in a fabric/home dec shop, I came across lots of customers with the same problem. I think it is just fear of making that first cut (because of all that it implies) that holds people back from even the simple projects. You have to just make that first cut. As I am sure you know, sewing is a bit addictive and once you get started, it's hard to pull yourself away. I bet, while you are creating the first dress, you 'll work everything else out in your head!

Hope this helps! Have fun and take pictures when your done, please.:)