Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey Giveaway!

Another chance to join a Giveaway to win this delicious fabric before it arrives in the shops!  You know when you kind of don't want to share a Giveaway because it reduces your own chance of winning, especially when Blogging about it isn't even an extra entry?  Well I say 'what the hoo', let's share the love! 

Just nip across to the I'm Just a Guy Who Quilts Blog for a great interview with Aneela and full details how to enter this fantastic Giveaway (sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop).

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Friday, 25 March 2011

Owls Are Still In The Fabric Psyche..... Fab!

Check out this delightful selection of new fabrics by Jill Phillips for Hoffman fabrics.  They are just too cute for words, so shall I just leave it there?....

I hope you enjoyed this moment of cuteness, have a great weekend!

Monday, 21 March 2011

L Is For Leaf In Fabric!

I am so on and off with my Fabric A-Z and for that I apologise. As Spring is in the air and leaves are finally budding in the hedgerows I thought the L in fabric had to be Leaf, remember them?  And what a great start, Screenprinted Leaves Tea Towel by Sweetharvey, Etsy.
Vintage Fabric Applique Leaf Pillow By RobinsEggBlue, Etsy
I adore this divine spring green pillow of leaves, to bring the outside in!
Green Leaf Purse Organiser by DivideAndConquer, Etsy
This is such a clever idea, all my shopping bags are just full of so much 'tut'.  I'm not sure there are enough pockets in the world designed for various toy parts, hairbands, used tissues, stones collected to and from school, the same for leaves and small sticks.
Spring Love Birds Set of 2 by VintageGreenLimited, Etsy
I love fabric birds in all their forms and these are particularly spring like with their pretty flowers and delicate leaves.
Basil Green Leaf Desrash/Indonesian Cotton at Terireeswang, Etsy
I have a particular weakness for paisley, I really must buy some to make a summer skirt.  I particularly like this lovely fresh green, Basil describes it perfectly!
Ladybird & Four Leaf Clover Button Magnets by BreadandButtons, Etsy
Darling Ladybirds, or Ladybugs if you're across the pond.  I'm sorry but Ladybird is  a far more 'delicate' name and these beauties are so cute.
Leaping Lizards on Jungle Leaves Handmade Tote by PrettySpooky, Etsy
This caught my eye as we have a leopard gecko, called Alvin.  As much as it was bought for the children, you can guess who has to feed it the live crickets that also need to be fed.  So we kind of have pet crickets to feed the pet gecko - Nice!
Vintage Cream Cotton Trim with Fruit, Leave and Berries at acafterglow, Etsy
This ribbon is so pretty, for some reason it reminds me of my Grandma - even though I don't recall  her actually having any.  Maybe it's the 'vintageness' (is that a word?) of it?
Happy Summer New Circa 60 Beach Mod by Monaluna
at WorthyGoodsTextiles, Etsy

What a great excuse to include some Monaluna, my forever Craft Crush!  You can see the leaves, can't you?
Spring Birds, Leaves & Flowers Fabric Bin by TheSpottedBarn, Etsy
I hope I'm not using 'Leaf' too loosely here, but I love these storage fabric bags/bins.  I kind of do the same with the jumbo 'bag for life' shopping bags you can buy from supermarkets.  But they're nowhere near as chic as some of these gorgeous fabric bags, by any stretch of the imagination!

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of L for Leaf in Fabric, and I hope it gave you a taste of Spring - like we're finally having in London.

One last request, Tabatha Tweedie can you please Email me your address so I can post you the 2011 Sewing Calendar you won.  I have tried E-mailing you through your profile but with no joy.  Many thanks.

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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Sneak Peek of More Metro Market Fabric for Robert Kaufman

The Divine Jennifer Moore at Monaluna has very kindly given us a sneak peek of the latest Metro Market for Robert Kaufman and it's Delicious!

So where do I begin with the Superlatives?  Fantastic, Gorgeous, Heavenly and the obvious such as Yummy, Mouthwatering and Sublime!

There are so many wonderful projects you could make with these designs!  What would you make with it, apart from the obvious kitchen items?  I'm sure I could make at least one wrap skirt with it (but that's another post I'm planning).

Thanks for dropping by!  ;)

Monday, 14 March 2011

And The Winner Is... plus a William & Kate Embroidery Pattern.

Kiss me Kate - a William and Kate embroidery
This is the first sewing pattern, of any sort, that I have seen for the Wedding of Prince William and Kate.  Or Catherine, as Will calls her and no doubt we all will when she's a fully fledged Royal (don't forget to tug your forelock).

As Monica over at Happy Zombie says, and I agree, we should all make something lasting to commemorate the first British Royal Wedding in many years.  And Monica's design 'Kiss Me Kate' is a great starting point.  She is very generously allowing us to download the pattern for private use so check out her Blog on how to do just that.

Now for the bit you've all been waiting for, Giveaway Results.  There were 32 Comments and the number that came up on the Custom Random Number generator was no 17.

And comment no 17 is Tabatha Tweedie who said "Hiya! I'm already a follower and I think that fabric would make a fabulous skirt, so go with your instinct! Would be brilliant for summer. Tabatha x"

Thanks Tabatha, if you could drop me a line and let me have your address and I'll get the Calendar in the post to you.

A big thank you to everyone for your comments, they all really helped and as you know I now possess a pretty fab wrap skirt for the Summer!  Woohoo!

Thanks as always for dropping by!  ;)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Have a Lookie At What I Won!

The Undomestic Scientist's Giveaway parcel was the kind I would wish for on my Birthday!

I thought I had only won the book, but in fact I had also won two generous pieces of Cath Kidston's Circus in Blue and Stone and Two bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs.  How lucky am I?

The book is great, there are over 40 'Simple Projects' but only simple to make.  They remind me of the ones you find in Japanese Craft Magazines, 'happy days' as they say.

Lastly to make it official my Giveaway is now Closed.  I will announce the Winner after the weekend.

Have a great one! :)

Friday, 11 March 2011

I Took Your Advice And Made The Skirt!

So what do you think?  I used the Versatile Skirt (wrap skirt) by Make It Perfect.

  • The instructions are to measure and mark out your lines directly onto the fabric, but with my 'seamstress (scaredy cat) block' I decided to make the pattern up first using old Christmas Wrapping Paper (a great tip I read recently).
  • The beauty of making yourself a copy of the pattern first means you don't have to do all the measuring out again, just pull out your Christmas Wrap pattern and away you go!

This is a side shot of the waist tie.  I cut the fabric so the ladies would hang the same way as the skirt fabric, which I think works really well.
  • And this is the other side.  
  • I didn't have any contrasting fabric to hand so it's all the same fabric with no hem band  and an inch or so shorter.  But at 20" long it sits quite nicely on my knee.  
  • Once the Summer comes and my knees are a 'rich tea biscuit' colour rather than 'custard cream', I think it will look great with sandals!

  • I'm so delighted with the result, the fit is great just on my hip.  I have already cut the pieces to make it in this fabric, part of the Daisy Chain Collection by Amy Butler.
  • Thank you so much for all your comments on my Giveaway and Eek I Have Seamstress Block posts to give me the confidence to get my machine out and start sewing again!

Last reminder, 4hrs 15 min until my Giveaway closes.  

Thanks for dropping by and GOOD LUCK!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

EEK, I Have Seamstress Block!

Kidlee, Etsy
finckyfinds, Etsy
HoneymoonBus, Etsy

Look at these fabulous vintage patterns I bought recently to make myself some classic dresses for the Spring/Summer.

My problem is I feel really nervous about getting my sewing machine out and actually starting something.  I have the fabric for at least one dress and I'm even nervous about what fabric to buy for the other dresses.  I think my Giveaway question, about the skirt fabric, probably gives you an idea of how silly I'm being about it right now.  So what is that all about?

I'm an experienced dressmaker, I have even made a dress for a soap (Emmerdale) actress who asked me to make a dress she had designed herself for a TV awards ceremony.

Any advice and encouragement, would be really appreciated!

Don't forget 1 day left before the end of my Giveaway.

Many thanks for dropping by. :)

Monday, 7 March 2011

Cotton Time Japanese Craft Magazine, Hmm My Favourite!

Japanese Craft Magazines/Books have to be one of the best kept secrets amongst the sewing community.  Although written in Japanese they are so easy to follow with fantastic patterns and clear diagrams.  I thought I would share some pictures from my latest copy, ordered from my favourite Seller of Japanese Craft Magazines Pomadour24 on Etsy and Pomadour24 on Ebay.
To begin with here is a really cute applique idea.

And a couple of gorgeous Easter Bunny Softies.
As always, there are lots of bag/purse projects.
I love this cute simple top, I will probably make myself one in time for the Summer (when it gets here).
And pictures of some gorgeous 'sewing spaces'.
How great would it be to have a dedicated sewing area.
Somewhere to pick up and put down sewing projects at any time.
I love this Sashiko style embroidery, I would never have thought of putting it on a white background with bright thread (traditionally white cotton on an indigo background).
It just works with fantastic affect.
Some gorgeous fabric bundles that are available for mail order, in Japanese.
But still a joy to look at and get some inspiration.
How super cute are these tiny embroidered pin cushions in walnut shells!
And this tiny fabric travel bag/tray.
My favourite of this copy has to be these darling Russian Doll Felties.

This copy is now for sale at

If you've been inspired to make these cute softies, maybe as a Mothers Day or Easter gift, pop across to the Felt Fairy to get a good supply of felt in.

I hope you enjoyed a brief look at my copy of Cotton Time, especially if it's your first time.  Do you have a favourite Japanese Craft Magazine (or any sewing magazine for that matter) that you would recommend?

Don't forget there's still time to enter my Giveaway of the 2011 Sewing Calendar.

As always, thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Very Happy UnBirthday Giveaway and A Thank You for The Swap!

It is not my Birthday and I have no excuse for a Giveaway other than the fact I have a Sewing Calendar 2011 to Giveaway!

But before I give you the details I just want to say Thank You to Ali at Very Berry Handmade for organising a great February Fabric Swap, which kept all our minds off the gloomy weather.  And a Big thank you for the super bundle I received from Laura at Made In Oxford.  I just love the variety of fabrics, in particular the super cute Liberty prints and hotter than hot pink solids!
  And some cute ribbon and buttons to top up my haberdashery stash.
So back to the Giveaway.  I bought the Calendar in November last year in time for an early December Giveaway but with my break for Blogging due to personal circumstances it didn't quite work out.  So here we are now into March, although the fantastic little projects from earlier in the year will always come in handy.  Here are some pictures of just a few of the 100+ projects.

And here's how to enter.  I need your help, I have 2 meters of this fabric that I bought to make a knee length A line skirt to wear with a simple t shirt with sandals or flip flops.
Alexander Henry Fashionista/Fashion Girls Fabric (Mint)
I have been told it's not a good idea, but I think it would be really Funky!  So please become a Follower and leave a comment letting me know whether you think it would make a great skirt and if not what you would suggest I make with it.  

For extra entries, leave a comment each to say you have Blogged or Tweeted the Giveaway.  Lastly, you can come back and enter more than once with suggestions what to do with the fabric.
  • Entry 1.  Follow and Comment on my skirt idea/suggestions
  • Entry 2.  Tweet Giveaway
  • Entry 3.  Blog Giveaway
  • Entry 4+. Suggestions what to do with the fabric.
Closing Date: 10pm GMT Friday 11th March 2011  so a good week or so to come back with your great suggestions/extra entries!

If you already have one of these really useful Calendars, you can always give it to someone you love.  Maybe even for Mothers Day (is that odd giving a Calendar when the year has already started?).  Lastly this open copy is mine, the Winner will receive a new sealed copy.

I can't wait to hear what you think of my skirt idea as I'm itching to use this really Funky fabric.

Good Luck and essentially have fun!