Monday, 21 February 2011

The Ultimate Suzy Ultman!

Charming fabric to brighten up our long slow return to Spring! 

  • Suzy Ultman is the very talented designer behind some of our favourite prints, such as Kiss Me and Metro Cafe for Robert Kaufman.
  • I hope Suzy doesn't mind me using a photo of her as my feature picture, but it's always great to see who's behind the designs. This one is fromThe Pine Ridge Art News Blog of Suzy at the New York National Stationery Show.
  • And so to the fabric....

Kiss Me Owls & keys on Pink
Or on lovely fresh Green.
Or for something super cute, you could always try Kiss Me Owls on Cream.
Or Kiss Me Owls on Brown for warmth.

If you want something sophisticated rather than cute, Suzy has some gorgeous fabrics for the Metro Cafe line for Robert Kaufman.
I recently bought this vintage shirt dress pattern on Ebay (far left is the one I like) and was thinking of making it with this fab coffee bean fabric!  Ooh La La, Cafe Society!

Or in Bermuda!
Here some more chic fabric from her Metro Cafe line.
Blenders Print in Retro at ThreeRiversFabric, Etsy
Coffee Urns in Bermuda at SewFreshFabrics, Etsy

I love this Bermuda colourway, such a great summery colour!

Coffee Mugs in Licorice at Luckykaerfabric, Etsy

How about some really cheerful coffee mugs!

  • So who is Suzy Ultman?  She was born in Pennsylvania and has lived on three continents, always taking in the culture and communities, allowing them to influence her visual aesthetic.
  • As a child, Suzy spent time collecting stickers, playing board games, picking berries in the woods, perfecting her Snoopy sketches, dancing to Fame, woodworking with her dad and baking with her mom.
  • She embraces being in beautiful habitats surrounded by nature’s palette of colors, textures and forms.  Suzy explores the worlds within our worlds, the little details that make us smile, and the connections that make us all part of the global community.
  • She is now enjoying a new adventure, living in the lovely Midwest, (north of Boston) where she scouts for cardinals and enjoys chocolate-cayenne ice cream at the local scoop shop.  Her stunning home was recently featured in the Boston Globe.
To complete the picture of Suzy here's a photograph of Her studio.


Read Suzy's Blog by clicking here.
Follow Suzy on Twitter by clicking 
To Shop for Suzy Ultman's fabric click on the link below each picture.

I hope you have enjoyed sharing some of Suzy's lovely fabric designs.  Thanks for dropping by!


Kelly Massman said...

What cheerful fabrics--thanks so much also for your kind expression of sympathy on my blog post about our nephew! It means so much!

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Kelly, you are very welcome. Will be thinking about you. X

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Em! What an exciting life Suzy leads. I'll have to check her blog out. Hope all is well at your house. Wishing you all the best. OOXX's...Tracy ;)

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Tracy Suzanne, we are all well thanks. You should check out the article in the Boston Globe, her house is gorgeous! Thanks for dropping by. :)

Jonell said...

Her creations are really amazing. These fabrics are really awesome. Got to have one of these someday. Nice! Fat quarter bundles

Emma Thomsen said...

Thanks for dropping by Jonell, I can't wait for them to arrive in the shops!