Sunday, 20 February 2011

Happy Zombie For Lecien Sneek Peak!

happy mochi yum yum
Check out Monica of Happy Zombie's Strike Offs of her new delicious fabric.  

  • Wowser!  How does fabric manage to make your mouthwater?
  • Check out her Blog Here to read how nervous she was about letting us take a peek.
  • Follow her on Twitter here.

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Kristy said...

ooh! I can't wait to have some of that come to my house when it comes to stores!

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Kristy, I know what you mean, it's so cheerful! X

Linnhe Mara said...

Yummmm! makes me think of 'Opal Fruits'
(Oops, giving my age away there, I mean 'Starbursts')
Looking forward to getting my sticky mits on some of that. :o)

Emma Thomsen said...

Linnhe you are so funny, I still call them Opal Fruits and my husband looks at me as if I'm bonkers! I agree, that's exactly what it's like!