Thursday, 17 February 2011

Could This Be The New Agricultural Chic?

Think Women's Land Army, as well as working the land, never throwing anything away and making the most of materials available.  Such as produce sacks made into fantastic shopping bags or even stylish handbags.  Slip into your prettiest floral dress (so 'on trend' this Spring/Summer) along with your recycled sack bag for an instant Agricultural Chic look!  My first choice is a goat lovers dream,  Recycled Goat Food Market Bag by frankcluck, Etsy.

Recycled Feed Sack By Libbyjoy1, Etsy
I have to say this one made me 'laugh out loud'.  You know when you've done the family shopping and it feels like you might as well be carrying a bag of 'cattle cubes'!
Vintage Seed Sack Canvas & Leather Tote by Selinavaughan, Etsy
These vintage ones have fantastic graphics!
Recycled Coffee Sack Messenger Bag by WhiteAppleThreads, Etsy
Some have charming designs, like this very cute frog.
Recycled Coffee Bag by White AppleThreads, Etsy
Or this handsome parrot, maybe eating the beans?
Koa Coffee Plantation Tote by ManilaExtract, Etsy
Ooh La La, very Greek Goddess!
Recycled Rice Sack Tote by MommaModerna, Etsy
I love the colours on this one, definitely a favourite, especially as it's lined and waterproof.
Recycled Cat Food Market Bag by frankcluck, Etsy
I was amazed at the choice of animals available, which is obvious as you can basically get the design of any animal that has food sold by the sack full.  As well as cats there are horses (lots of horses), cattle, dogs (lots of them too), rabbits, deer and bird seed.  A perfect gift for animal lovers, remember Mothers Day in the UK next month.
Repurposed Texas Orange Sack Bank Bag by ayoungblood, Etsy
This cute bag is very refreshing, I don't need a Bank Bag but I would definitely find a use for it.
Coffee Bean Bag "Spirit Cow Indian Coffee" by OmaGoodness, Etsy
Lastly, but by no means least, this gorgeous design, the epitome of Agricultural Chic!

Unfortunately some of the Etsy Sellers don't indicate whether they ship Worldwide, hopefully we can persuade them otherwise.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to 'Agriculture Chic', as always if you want to check out the shop just click on the link.

Before I go, with the 'Garden Party' (floral fabrics) look on trend this season, check out this fabulous new fabric from Michael Miller.

Tea Blooms at BaileyGirlsFabric, Etsy
This one has to be my favourite of the collection, maybe a pretty ditzy dress or even  blouse with jeans.
Blossom Berries at CarriesFabric, Etsy
Strawberries are always a hit, so Wimbledon (how far off does that seem right now?). Also available in green.
Strawberry Tea Party at EuroGirlsBoutique, Etsy
How cute is this one?  Birds, flowers, strawberries, and tea, a perfect afternoon tea in the garden (although we seem to be missing cake!).
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Anonymous said...

These are so cool! I think the coffee sack messenger bags are my favourite. Simple and stylish :)

Country Cottage Chic said...

What fun! Now I know what to do with my empty chicken & horse feed bags! "Layer's Pellets" & "Happy Hoof" would be nice bags don't you think?


Emma Thomsen said...

Thank you all for dropping by, Jenneferh you are very welcome! I love all your bags, I just can't decide which one! MadeInOxford, I agree they are so stylish! And Country Cottage Chic, what great names - I would buy one! :)