Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Avalon by Jay-Cyn Designs for Birch Fabrics Sneak Peek!

Avalon by Jay-Cyn Designs 100% Organic Sample Bolts have arrived at Birch Fabrics.  Unfortunately they're not available on the High Street until April 2011!

Wowser, what great fabric!  They remind me of vintage Japanese Kimono fabrics, but the bicycles and birds give it a modern twist.  Apparently it's a super soft fabric, perfect for dressmaking.  I have a few projects in mind already!
Do you have any patterns that you could make with this fabric?


Jenny said...

oooh these are so yummy! Love the birds and bicycles toom they add a really quirky twist! xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the grey with the wheels and birds. That would make a fabulous shirt, I think. Interesting without being garish :)

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

the bicycle one with the bike basket is so cute x

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Amy, thanks for dropping by. The bicycles are so great, I am so going to get me some! ;)

Clare said...

Hi Emma,
Just started following you.
Absolutely love these fabrics! I think I too am a fabric addict, but have to be good and not succumb.... it's very difficult!

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Clare, thanks for dropping by and for following! You could make some fantastic bags with this fabric! ;D