Saturday, 30 October 2010

Have A Jolly Cute Halloween!

Mini Boo Halloween Cushion by ilovehearts, Etsy

  • I feel like my 'Blogging Mojo' is a little weak right now.  The children have been on Half Term this week and I just haven't had the 'silence' for creative thoughts and to feel inspired. 
  • My head is full of a busy weekend ahead what with a Children's Halloween Party Sunday and tomorrow spent cooking for that. 
  • Also a serious family illness is adding to my lack of creative mojo. 
  • So as I'm feeling negative and a bit low I will try and end on a cheery note and bid you all a jolly Halloween and share some cute halloween stuff!
Candy Rib Cage Tee by Applenoggin, Etsy

Monster Kitty Pouch by SparkleGirl, Etsy

Frankenstein Monster Mary Jane Shoes by EmandSprout, Etsy

Candy Corn The Owlet by tzburps, Etsy

Cute Trick Or Treat Tote by Cathystotes, Etsy

Vampire Bundle Baby Doll by Casienipper, Etsy
Thank you for dropping by, I really do appreciate that you're interested in what I have to say about fabric and value every comment, responding as best I can.  Emma :)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

And The Winner Is......

Before I announce the lucky winner I'll put you all out of your misery.  This is the book the pattern comes from and whilst I don't know the name of it (as it's Japanese) I can confirm ISBN4-8347-6348-X.
And here is the pattern made up, yes it's a Hamster.  This one is a little fluffy round the edges as I made it for my son and he handles it quite a lot!
And for those who might want to have a go themselves, here are the instructions.  Whilst they are in Japanese they are pretty straightforward to follow.
  • The Winner is Jenny of Jenny Arnott Textiles.  There were so many great answers, the mermaid was particularly special and I can see in the pattern why you might have thought that.
  • Although no one specifically answered Hamster there were many mammals that were close, Jenny's answer was the closest or should I say smallest and the most rodent like.  In fact if this little fellow had a tail it could be a mouse.
  • So Jenny please email me your colour preference and address and I'll make up and send you you're own little hamster.  It's all hand sewn so please allow a good few days to get to you.  They come in 6.5cm or 9cm in height.  Here's a picture of some colour ideas.

Thank you everyone for taking part it was so much fun, I am definitely going to do another one soon.

Thanks for dropping by, have a great rest of the week! ;)

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Fun Giveaway Ends Today & Join A Secret Santa Swap.

Don't Forget my Fun Giveaway ends today at 8pm BST!  

  • Test your sewing pattern recognition.
  • Remember to think 3D rather than 2D.  
  • You can make as many suggestions as you wish.
  • Leave your entry here!

And Join A Fun Secret Santa Swap Here!

  • How much fun to receive a mystery parcel on Christmas morning.
  • To join in the Swap fun comment HERE.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Favourite Fabric Thy Name Is Velvet!

Oaxaca Tehuantepec & Velvet Pillow by Edenmiller, Etsy

Velvet has to be my ultimate textile, it's super soft, sumptuous, rich, warm and versatile! Thou shall not covet, but here are a selection of velvet items where I do just that. 

There's something about the term 'velvet pillows' that is so evocative and the pillow above is no exception.  The gorgeous colours are like a fireplace on a cold winter's day.  They would look gorgeous on our huge leather sofa, along with all Edenmiller's pillows.  A little pricey to scatter with 3 young children in the house, which makes them so covetable.
Silk Velvet Wrap Dress by MomoSoho, Etsy

Ooh La La!  Such a stunning 'dress', I think with my legs a smart pair of black trousers would be a definite requirement!
Vintage Style Ruffle Scarf by Nikkisic, Etsy

Based on a 1790 design I love the way this scarf has the appearance of being fluid.
Velvet Cloche Hat by MoaningMinnie, Etsy

The delightful Moaning Minnie has done it again, producing another of her charming hats in my favourite fabric and in a gorgeous scarlet red.
Emilio Pucci Velvet Jumpsuit at VivaLaVintageShoppe, Etsy

How fantastic is this 1960s jumpsuit, if this could ever end up under the Christmas Tree for me I would squeal like a crazy woman!
Velvety Skulls Bag by jFaith, Etsy

I love this bag SO much, I think it might have to be a Christmas gift to myself!  The richness of the velvet and colours make me think vintage roses until you take closer look.  As jFaith says "does she have a wild side?".

Black Velvet Opera Coat at StarletVintage, Etsy

Wowser, what a coat!  It's a vintage coat dating back to the1970s. So formal and yet so feminine, definitely ticks my covet box!
Green Velvet Allium Cushion by UKDesigns, Etsy

The colours on this cushion just go Pop, right in your face!  Velvet seems to hold colour so well, don't you think?  Going back to our leather sofa, a pair each end would look so dramatic.
Midas of Miami Velvet Pansy Basket at TrendiBindi, Etsy

Such a charming little vintage basket and in such fantastic condition, with the original tag.  So evocative of a past 'feminine' era!

I love cuffs, they add a really interesting edge, in particular this gothic style.  Made with vintage fabrics this pair hold such mystery, virginal white lace mixed with super soft vampish black velvet.  So beguiling!

So there's my ever so slightly indulgent trip into all things velvet and I'm afraid I enjoyed every minute, I hope you did too.  If you're inspired and want to buy just click on the picture heading to be taken straight to the shop.

What is your ultimate fabric?

Thanks for dropping by!  ;)

Monday, 25 October 2010

Secret Santa Swap And A Monaluna Tip Off!

Would anyone like to join in a Secret Santa swap? I seem to have been a bit late on the uptake with all the swaps and they look like so much fun! So I thought I would start one.

Your Swap should contain:
- Festive Chocolate/Sweets
- A Heartfelt Handmade Item
- Selection of Fabric Bits
- An Unexpected Surprise
- A Christmas Card 

To enter, leave a comment confirming you would like to join in and how I can contact you for your postal address. 

I will close the Swap Entry 8pm GMT Sunday 7 November 2010 to allow time to get you paired up and parcels can be posted out in good time for Christmas.  I will only pair you with someone who lives in your country to avoid delays with international shipping (unless you specify otherwise).  Make sure you Follow your recipient so you can stalk their Blog and get an idea of what they like.

I hope you join in, it would be so much fun opening a mystery parcel on Christmas Day!

On to my Monaluna Tip Off and I am bursting with excitement! Do you recall my Post about the fabulous Jennifer Moore of Monaluna? Well she has given me a super juicy Tip Off!
  • She told me that on Thursday she was posting off the artwork for two new collections, so more of her lovely work on the way. 
  • But then she said she laughed at my F is for Fox post as her new collection features some foxes as well! 
  • How fantastic is that, can you imagine Monaluna and Foxes combined? Fabric Heaven! She has promised me a sneak peek, when the 'strike offs' come back. 
  • Wowser, I am just overcome with excitement! So as soon as she sends me the Sneak Peek I will be reporting straight back to all you lovely Fabric-istas!
Thanks Jennifer, we'll be on the edge of our seats until we see your lovely foxes!

Don't forget my Fun Giveaway ends 8pm BST Wednesday so you still have time to enter, with as many guesses as you wish!
Just to let you know, as the kids are on Half Term I won't be doing too much 'creative thinking' this week, also my Fabric ABC is taking a break too, any suggestions for next week's G is For...?

Friday, 22 October 2010

3 Giveaways! The Great, The Generous and The Fun!

NEWS of my wonderful 'Wet Saturday in Brighton' win and 3 Giveaways to Report including my own!
  • Lucky Me, this is the fab Brighton bundle I won from Pins & Needles.  
  • I won a wonderful cushion she made, especially for the Giveaway (how sweet is that), which all my family love.  It's perfect for resting your head on for an afternoon snooze, my 4 year old son Josh has already tested it!  
  • Also a piece of Brighton West Pier, a shell, a stick of Brighton Rock (already consumed), a handmade pin cushion and a very sweet embellished postcard.  
  • The kind of week I have had, I cannot tell you how much joy it gave me when I received it (like you can't imagine).
  • If you've fallen in love with the cushion, as I did, you'll be pleased to know she's holding another GREAT Brighton Giveaway.  So get yourself over to Pins & Needles for a chance to win.  Don't forget to come back as I've got another 2 Giveaways to report, including my own! :)
Check out this very generous GENEROUS Bliss Giveaway of 40 Fat Quarters, I'll spell that in case you misread it, that's FORTY Fat Quarters, WOWSER! over at LittleBlueBell along with Talk About Fabric.  Nip across for a chance to win this fantastic bundle of gorgeous fabric and don't forget to pop back if you want to enter my Fun Giveaway!
Bliss Giveaway
My FUN Giveaway isn't as generous as my previous Giveaways or certainly the Bliss Giveaway, it's just a bit of entertainment to test your sewing pattern/spacial awareness skill.  A skill all Sewing-istas have in abundance!
  • Can you guess what this pattern is for? The sheet is A4, if that's any help.
  • Leave a Comment with your Guess to enter. 
  • The nearest guess wins one of these mystery items, made by me in the colour of their choosing.  
  • If there is more than one 'nearest guess' the same then the names will be put in a hat for a draw.
  • You are welcome to enter as many times as you wish.
  • Not the biggest Giveaway ever so I'm guessing not many will enter, but hey it's a bit of fun and the fewer who enter the more chances you'll have of winning!
  • I post Internationally, so everyone is very welcome to join in.
  • Closing Date for Entries is 8pm BST Wed 27 Oct 2010.

Happy Guessing and Good Luck!

Thanks for dropping by!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Jennifer Moore is Monaluna Fabrics!


The divine Jennifer Moore of Monaluna, a favourite 'craft crush' of mine, has very kindly agreed to let me write an article about her and has given me permission to use all of her lovely pictures - maybe she didn't expect me to use a picture of her but I wanted to introduce the face behind the beautiful fabric.  I just love this picture of her with her cat!

Further to my recent Post giving a Sneak Peek of her new line for Robert Kaufman, my first selection of her fabrics begins with Circa 50s for Birch Fabrics, a really fun take on 50s design.  I would like to say this is my favourite collection, but then give me 10 minutes and it will be the next for sure!

Circa 50s Chairs at CedarhouseFabrics, Etsy
Circa 50s Cars at Fernandinafibers, Etsy
Circa 50s Houses at FernandinaFibers, Etsy
Circa 50s Space at CuddleUms, Etsy
The following collections are for Robert Kaufman and although a different design house it stills holds Jennifer's inimitable style.  This great collection is Metro Cafe, still with a 50s feel but a bit more 'Tres Chic!  Hmm, maybe this is my favourite?
I love Jennifer's gorgeous flannels, thoughts of cosy pyjamas in fun funky prints come to mind!  The first of her flannels is from the Flitter Collection.
And here are some great Urban Bloom flannels.
Here are some of the Mingle collection, great coordinating fabrics for all her other collections.
And of course there are the very cute Chicks of Metro Market.
And some very pretty About Town.
I know I have already done a whole feature dedicated to Monaco, Monaluna's self produced fabric, but I had to add at least one picture of it, ultimately my favourite Monaluna collection?  Possibly.
Check over at the Modern Organic Fabrics website as they're having a 10% Sale on Monaco.
  • As previously introduced, Jennifer is the Designer behind Monaluna.  She studied Cultural Anthropology and Design at the University of Minnesota and then worked in various aspects of design, including project management and toy design for Manhattan Toy, (I'd love to see those toys!) children’s clothing design for Target Corporation and decorative accessories design for Pottery Barn Kids.  
  • In 2005 she finally decided to pursue her creative vision by starting her own company, the wonderful surface and textile design company Monaluna based in the Bay Area of California.
  • Her creative inspiration comes from her love of beauty in nature and is motivated by the desire to create beautiful materials for other designers and crafters and especially enjoys designing fabrics.  
  • In 2008, Monaluna began partnering with Robert Kaufman Fabrics to produce several collections of fabric for the quilting and sewing markets, and in 2009, designed the premiere organic collection for Birch Fabrics. 
  • Monaluna has also partnered with the stationery company Mara-Mi to design a collection of journals and office products released in spring 2010. 
  • As mentioned in my Monaco Post, in June 2010 Monaluna released its first self-produced line of organic cotton fabric, a vibrant and youth-friendly collection of modern birds, graphic florals, whimsical scooters and retro geometrics (I think it has to be my favourite).
And here's what all you lovely Sewing-istas are making with Monaluna fabrics.
Crayon Caddy in Circa 50s Rockets by CrzyBagLady, Etsy
Rocket Pillowcase by SKNaturals, Etsy
Patchwork Baby Blanket by peanuttree, Etsy
Half Apron by CrzyBagLady, Etsy
Mini Everyday Bag by TheLaughingHouse, Etsy
I hope this Post has given you an insight into the very talented Jennifer Moore and the opportunity to check out some of her gorgeous fabrics and fabulous places to buy them.  I also hope Jennifer forgives me for using her photo as my main picture, but now you know who she is.  Check out my Post Sneak Peek of her new line for Robert Kaufman for another look at her new collections.

As always, if you are inspired and wish to buy click on the link to be taken to the shop.

Many thanks for dropping by. :)