Thursday, 30 September 2010

I 'Felt' Sooo Good, When I Won!

Woohoo! Look what I won from the Felt Fairy

  • I actually won a £5 voucher and topped it up so that I could buy her Wool Mix 9 inch Felt Square x 25 Starter Rainbow Pack.
  • The mix is really good for a starter pack and the quality of the felt is great too!
  • I'm so pleased as I was planning to buy some felt to make some really cute hamster patterns I have for the children.  
  • I'm hoping to Blog about them when they're made as they're so enchanting.

For inspiration check out her Blog and to Buy go to her Shop.

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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Angie Lewin Is My Latest Craft Crush!

Angie Lewin
It feels like I fall in love every day! 
  • Seeking out exciting designers working with beautiful fabrics, I seem to be living a charmed life. And yet again I have found a designer who makes my pulse race and my pupils dilate, 'Oops I Did It Again!' I'm in love!
  • On this occasion I'm beguiled by the work of Angie Lewin, just take a look at her handsome prints and see if you fall head over heels too.
  • The first picture of Hedgerow is a screen-printed textile for St. Jude's. It was 1 of 6 nominees in the 'Best Wallpaper & Fabric' category of the Grand Designs Awards 2010.
Angie Lewin

This is a screen-printed textile for St. Jude's. These two designs were within the final shortlist of 4 designs is 'Best in Fabric' category of the Elle Decoration Design Awards 2006.
Winter Stem for LibertyWinter Stem for Liberty
Winter Stem for LibertyWinter Stem for Liberty
Winter Thistle for Liberty
Angie Lewin
Seedheads - Screen-printed textile for St. Jude's
Dandelion Two - Screen-printed textile for St. Jude's

  • Angie Lewin studied BA(Hons) Fine Art Printmaking at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design between 1983 and 1986, followed by a year’s part-time postgraduate printmaking at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts.
  • Having worked in London as an illustrator she studied horticulture and a move to Norfolk prompted a return to printmaking.
  • She is inspired by both the clifftops and saltmarshes of the North Norfolk coast and the Scottish Highlands, depicting these contrasting environments and their native flora in wood engraving, linocut, silkscreen, lithograph and collage.
  • She is attracted to the relationships between plant communities on an intimate level, even the fine lines of insect eggs on a flower bud are observed in her work.
  • Since 2005 she has been designing screen printed textiles and stationery for St. Jude's. She has also been commissioned by a number of publishers to create book jacket designs. Merrell recently published an an anthology of garden writing illustrated with her prints.
  • Angie is highly respected in her field, in 2006 she was elected to The Royal Society of Painter Printmakers and in 2008 to The Society of Wood Engravers. In 2010 she was elected to The Art Workers Guild
So there's the reason for my latest crush, very handsome and absolutely beguiling!

If you are inspired or wish to buy check out her Website or St Jude's.

As Always, many thanks for dropping by!

Before I go, do you recall my other infatuation, the Divine Ms Horner?  Well I'm having a Giveaway of her featured fabric Innocent Crush.  Check back Friday when I will be publishing entry details! :)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

How To Make A Story Quilt With Your 'Heart On Your Quilt'.

Beauty is everywhere, in every stitch and fiber!
  • You may have guessed I'm a bit of a fan of applique, I love the way colour is used and in particular the beauty in the detail and this Designer, Julie Bull, is by no means an exception. 
  • Julia does sell her lovely work on Folksy but I wanted to feature this beautiful quilt as every corner is a masterpiece in itself.  It is an embroidered cloth measuring 48x42 inches which was entered into the Festival of Quilts 2009.
  • The first work in the Tales From The Welsh Wood series, it sets the scene for Flower Girls victory over the Bony Drama Queen and her evil henchman The Boxer.
  • The cloth uses hand dyed recycled cotton fabric, machine pieced then hand appliqued and embroidered with cotton threads.

Fairy Child
Flower Girl
Choir Master

Bony Drama Queen 
  • I could wax lyrical about every inch of this quilt but felt it best for you to look at each picture with your own thoughts, as I think they stir something deep inside all of us.
  • Julie is an Artist/Illustrator working in the medium of embroidered textiles presently studying for a Masters Degree in Contemporary Applied Arts at The University of Cumbria, Carlisle. 
  • It took me a while to write this article, as brief as it may seem, as I was unsure how to present her work. Especially as she has her own personal story of survival, which she talks about in her Blog.
  • She says, "Its been an interesting journey, ranging from emotionally draining to inspirational and exhilarating! My reasons for wanting to do the MA were to try and find myself, my style and my place in the Textile Artworld. Its the first time I have taken the time to really focus on my art practice and to discover what was important to me. I have rediscovered the joy of drawing, designing and translating my ideas into reality using my favourite medium, fabric." 
If you have been inspired go to Julie's Blog or if you wish to buy go to her Folksy Shop.

What is your favorite piece of the quilt?

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Monday, 27 September 2010

Fantastic List Of Fabric Shops by Very Berry Handmade!

This is the most up to date List of Fabric Shops by the very generous Very Berry Handmade!

She tries to limit the list to those shops with really good user interface, really good stock and/or unusual fabrics. Some sites haven’t made it because she's not particularly into their fabrics or the website is just too dreadful to use, so you can be sure they will be quality shops.

We are all so grateful for this information as it must take such a lot of work to produce, Thank you!

For Very Berry Handmade's
up to date List of Fabric shops, click HERE!

C is For Cats in Fabric!

Alphabet Fabric Monday here already, where did that week go?

And as you guessed it today is C For Cat. I noticed that I hadn't featured much in the way of vintage recently so decided to search Vintage Cat Fabric and here's what I came up with.

As there is so much cute stuff in cat fabric I thought I would start with something creepy (with a vintage feel) by one of my favorite textile artists who I featured at the end of August, Sew Creepy Confections.  With 1st October at the end of the week and the start of the Halloween countdown it seems appropriate.

Crouching Tiger Clutch by kaleidoscopebyerin at Etsy

And now for something chic!  Which is the perfect description for this gorgeous Clutch made using 1960s Vintage Kimono fabric, very Ooh La La!
Bag in Vintage Cat Fabric by Melissamose at Etsy

I chose this bag as the lovely tropical colours are so strong and bright, perfect for the drizzly day we're having in London today!
Classic 70s Kitty Cat by AnimalCrackersBySue At Etsy

Of all the cat softies I found this one really stood out.  I love hot pink and lime green, the colours really compliment each other.  And such a charming cat to boot!
Kitty Cat Vintage Girl Scout Fabric Button

Cute as a button is such a cliche, but it fits perfectly.  There are so many places I could keep a little button like this, such as a shopping tote, jacket or maybe even my apron!  
Vintage Cat Fabric Girls Dress By VintageLucy at Etsy

There's something about this fabric that just reminds me of my Grandma, she would have adored this dress.  She was very stylish but with a great sense of humour, much like this dress.
Vintage Patchwork Kitty Cat by Ksteckler at Etsy

How fun is this little Kitty, a little bit funky but no less cute.  Her face looks like she takes herself a little bit too seriously.
Kitty Kids Baby Bib by ColbyLaneDesignsy by Etsy

And lastly, this charming Bib!  Those cheeky kittens with the funny little girls, I wish my babies were babies again just so I could but it!

If you have been inspired or wish to buy, just click on the title of each picture as they all link back to the item and the shop.

So, next week will be D For...  any ideas?  I really want something that looks 'outside the box', as they say.  If it's your idea I'll give you a mention with a link (of course).

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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Woohoo! I won Jenny Arnott's Embroidered Fabric Badges.

Cute as a button, especially when it's been created by Jenny Arnott!
  • Do you remember the article I wrote about the delightful work of Jenny Arnott?  Well I took a leap of faith and entered her fantastic Giveaway and I won these 'cute as a button' fabric badges!
  • I was so excited when I opened the little package that plopped on the door mat, that wonderful anticipation when opening a parcel.  
  • Unfortunately when I asked my 5 year old daughter which badge she would like she 'baggsied' the lot!  It's OK she has allowed me to borrow them.  My favorite is the blue one, if I ever get to use it.
  • Thanks for arranging the Giveaway Jenny, they are perfect and were wrapped beautifully!
For a taster of her work you can read Summer Over Already? Get Nostalgic With Jenny Arnott!, or to buy and inspire check out her Blog, and Shop

Thursday, 23 September 2010

My Innocent Crush on Anna Maria Horner

I am smitten! The thoroughly gorgeous Innocent Crush fabrics by Anna Maria Horner are already in stock at Hawthorne Threads, and unbelievable 2 months ahead of schedule!
Swept Away - Quilting
Charmed - Quilting
Home Decor
Home Decor

Anna Maria says on her Blog "First Impression. LovesMe LovesMeNot. Maybe. Mixed Signals. Woodcut. Turn of Events. Queen of Hearts. Shattered. Slow Dance. Bubble Burst. 

These are subtitles that moved along my little story of an Innocent Crush.... I will start you with a thought, though, because its one that drove my whole design process: I love the phrase Innocent Crush, the paradox, the youth, the sweetness of it, the awkward-not-quite-right, mismatched, fickle-ness of it too. Harmony is inspiring for some, occasionally an emotional collision is even more so. Enjoy!"

I absolutely love these designs, the gorgeous rich colours.  The Charmed palette reminds me of voluptuous fruits, plums, cherries and berries!  And the Swept Away palette reminds me of the seaside in autumn/winter, the ferocious sea and steely skies with a wind that whisks your breath away - making me feel alive!

So maybe Autumn and Winter won't be such a grey and drab wash out (as it can be in London) after all!

If you want some of these gorgeous fabrics get yourself across to Hawthorne Threads to stock up your stash for all those lovely Handmade gifts you'll be working on for Christmas!

Or for Inspiration check out Anna's Blog Here.

I adore the velveteen line (velvet is my favorite fabric), you could have so much fun with it!  Which one do you have an innocent crush on?

Thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I've Been Charmed By Practical Textile Art!

Delightful Heart Brooch
Hens Teeth!  It's OK I'm not swearing, it's the English idiom "as rare as Hens Teeth", which means very difficult to find.  And there couldn't be a better description for this beautiful work by Hens Teeth.
Simply Cute Bird Coin Purse
Birds are so 'on trend' in the glorious world of Handmade, but HensTeeth takes it to a new level!
Captivating Bag with Applique Birds
How great are these birds, I love the simplistic lines and yet they have so much character, and all on a Tote!  You can't get more practical than a Tote!
Delicate Textile Heart Brooch

I'm not sure whether one would consider a brooch to be practical, but it certainly does a lot for one's self esteem.  The joy of wearing something so beautiful, with every fine detail hand stitched by someone with a passionate and creative mind!  Hold on as your self esteem shoots through the coffee shop ceiling whilst sipping a latte with your girlfriends and they swoon over your brooch!
Fabulous Bird Needle Case
I need to keep my eye on this piece, I so need a decent needle case.  I'm not even going to share my handmade effort when needle cases like this are being lovingly crafted.  Shame on me and my tatty effort!
Darling Heart & Bird Brooch
Another brooch to make the heart sing like a bird!  I'm just floored by the gorgeous detail on HensTeeth's beautiful work.
Charming Bird Brooch
I'm going to run out of superlatives, but how cheeky is this little chap?  Birds, button and embroidery, what more could you ask for from something handmade with such care?
 Adorable Needle Case
Another needle Case to keep my beady eye on!  I love the Air Mail Letter style, very cosmopolitan!
Firstly, I make no apology for all the pictures I have added as there is just too many lovely pieces to choose from!

I love this kind of work, so gorgeous that I wish I could do it myself.  I love the idea of making practical items with fantastically detailed applique and embroidery, but I just don't have the creative talent to put it together, espcially with so much charm!

And the talent behind all this gorgeous work is Viv, she is a happily married mother of two girls who works at her local College of Art in the 'Middle of England'.  She works term time and so gets to spend time in her studio and do what she loves best... playing with her collection of ephemera, books, needlework and art materials. She is passionate about what she does and, like many designers, wishes she could work at her craft full time.

To see more of her work to buy check out her Shop and for inspiration her Blog.

Which piece charms you the most?