Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I Is for Indigo in Fabric!

Wimsy Lumbar Pillow by NewLeafHandmade, Etsy
If ever you could describe a colour as cool, handsome and yet chic and sharp it has to be indigo.

  • I know I haven't had a colour before in my ABC of Fabric but I think indigo has to be my favourite in fabric.  Some might say it's just an fancy word for navy but it also happens to be one of the colours of the rainbow, which adds to its magic.
  • To begin with this pillow is both handsome and chic, simply because of the indigo.

Poppy Hand Silkscreened Silk Scarf by Toybreak, Etsy
Indigo and silk go together beautifully, the fabric just looks so fluid.
Indigo Plume Clutch by RedRubyRose, Etsy
This design I'm thinking is Art Deco and with the indigo makes it a classic that will never date.
Vintage Paisley Fabric at ShopAtMoxie, Etsy
This gorgeous vintage fabric is a generous 4 yards so a million project ideas come to mind.  I have to say this shop was a great discovery, they have some lovely vintage fabrics and bits and pieces.  Definitely worth a browse.
Vintage Royal DelftWare Tea Towel at TheVintageJunkie, Etsy
What a great tea towel, it looks too good to use.  I think it would make a great Christmas Gift, you can never have too many tea towels!
The fabric on this has been dated between 1890s-1930s so a really great find.  With it's age I'm not sure whether I would make something with it or keep it just to pull out on occasion to drool over.  I think you would see a new fabric every time you looked at it.
Indigo by Alice Kennedy Plastic Bag Holder by FourSeasonsCraft, Etsy
A Masterclass in making something so every day, practical maybe even mundane simply beautiful.

I've snuck in another pillow, but I am fan of Chrysanthemums, especially when they've been given Japanese kimono magic.

Scarlet Street Film Noir T Shirt by BlackBirdTees, Etsy
I'm always on the lookout for great gift ideas for men and this one fits the bill perfectly, the colour and design are very 'on trend'.
High Waist Marilyn Denim Skirt by MissHapp, Etsy
What a great look, if only I had the gumption to dress in the 'pin up' style.  It is so feminine and sexy without going over the top.  Ooh La La!
Strapless Paperbag Dress made from Indigo Linen 
by MaisyBrownReproRetro, Etsy 
A really simple yet chic dress, the houndstooth check is 'so this season'!

It's great to see that more people are wearing hats these days and not just the knitted kind,  The cloche in particular is seeing a popular come back.  This tartan number can't fail to cheer up winter with the added sparkle!
Retro Floral Elephant by IndigoElephant, Etsy
Here's some indigo fun and made by..... Indigo Elephant!  The shop has a few cute elephants and owls in different fabrics, but this has to be my favourite.
Owl In... Um... Navy! By Vivikas, Etsy
My only cheat.  I'm afraid I did search under Navy for my Indigo list but this was the only item I thought I could get away with.  And besides he's absolutely charming.

Well I hope you liked my I is for Indigo.  As always, if you're inspired or want to buy just click on the heading to be taken to the shop.

Many thanks for dropping by, any suggestions for J is for...?


Thea said...

Oooh. Lots of nice find. Especially like that film noir shirt!
Hmmm. J is for jewelry?

Emma Thomsen said...

Thanks for dropping by Thea, Jewellery in fabric - what a great idea, a great challenge.

IndigoElephant :: Sash said...

Thanks for including my elephant in your gorgeous collection! I also love the High Waisted skirt and wish I could pull off that style!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful finds - thanks for sharing!
Indigo is my favourite colour and often used in my work - its so restful and soothing