Wednesday, 3 November 2010

G Is For Giraffe in Fabric.

60's to early 70's Giraffe Pop Art Dress from CallMeChula, Etsy
The fabric dark horse (pun intended) has to be Giraffe in fabric, there is so much to choose from.  Whether it's the animal fur print or prints of the giraffe itself - especially vintage clothes, in fact I could have written the entire post with just giraffe print vintage clothing.  Maybe I'll save that for another day. 

I chose the first dress as I just can't keep my eyes off the acid drop colours, they are so hypnotising.  It would be a bit embarrassing if I saw this dress on someone in public as I would just be staring!
Vintage 40's giraffe/lamma linen dress at ShortGunVintage, Etsy
I love the cut of this dress, simply gorgeous and take a closer look and it's covered in charming giraffes and lammas.  It's one of those fabrics where you have to make a double take to register what the print is.
Quiet Ground Laptop Sleeve by BertiesCloset, Etsy
This fabric is fantastic the way it captures the grace of a galloping giraffe and made into a practical piece, my kind of fabric love!
Pair of Giraffe Print Pillows by BlueDoorStyle, Etsy
Woohoo!  Giraffe print cushions, fantastic I had to put them in somewhere!  As I mentioned in a previous post, giraffe print is a more conservative (with a small c) animal print.
Leaves & Berries For Lunch Wall Hanging by CuriousUrchin, Etsy
This is such a great piece of art, very simple but the floral leaves give the eye extra interest without making it too busy.
Giraffe by BiggyPiggy, Etsy
This handsome giraffe stands 22" stall, he is so charming and would no doubt stand guard in the corner of any room.  In our house he wouldn't be stood there for long!
Giraffe Bed by PrincessAndPeaPetBed, Etsy
Now I was going to make the title Giraffe Pet Bed but then I think it might be a little small for your pet giraffe!
Pink & Brown Giraffe Organizer Basket by MomofTwoBoysDesign, Etsy
More lovely giraffe print but with pink just to add some fun.  I love these fabric organisers, I really must seek out a pattern and make some for my family.
Big Giraffe Cuff To Go by NewYorganise, Etsy
These hot drink cuts are great, they weren't around when I worked in the City (many moons ago) but definitely a must have accessory - it's all about the detail.

Vintage 1960s Giraffe Print Sheath Dress at ErstWhileStyle, Etsy
Wowser what a dress! This is so on Trend right now, a simple style with animal print fabric.  How great with thick tights and boots!
Vintage 70s Geometric Giraffe Shirt at QueenofTheAngels, Etsy
How cheeky is this blouse?  From a distance it's your typical 70s geometric shirt, but when you look closer the fantastic giraffes finish it off perfectly.
And to finish I had to end with a G is for Gherkin for Brighton Breezy, you were right a felt gherkin is great!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Fabric Alphabet and as always if you're inspired click on the picture heading to be taken to the shop.

Many thanks for dropping by and also for all the kind words whilst my Mojo was taking a break!


Fat Chick Design said...

The shirt is super cool, I love that the best, with the toy coming a close second.
PS - Emma have you entered the giveaway?

Brighton Breezy said...

That is so brilliant! I was scrolling down admittedly loving the giraffes but secretly wishing for gherkins ... and there it was :)

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Bonnie, thanks for dropping by, the shirt is so great! and Brighton Breezy I'm so glad you liked the gherkin, they are a guilty pleasure of mine!

The Chulas said...

What fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with've got some new fans! Thank you for finding us :) ~The Chulas~

k.b.e. said...

Thanks so much for including my Leaves + Berries! Cute list!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Oh' Wow, that pop art dress is gorgeous. I would embarrass myself too! I have always loved giraffes and I really like that laptop fabric too.

OOO's...Tracy :)