Friday, 5 November 2010

Cape Crusader! Who Needs The High Street for High Fashion?

It has come to my attention that Capes are 'so on trend' this Autumn/Winter.  I am so pleased as they are incredibly feminine and so warm.  So let's see what's out there for all you Fashionistas!  My first choice is so gorgeous, I love the colour and the snuggly collar finishes it perfectly!  Gimme gimme gimme!
Double Breasted Cropped Cashmere Cape by yystudio, Etsy
Wowser, what a cape! Lovely colour and made with pure cashmere and silk satin so super luxe!
Cashmere Wool Hoodie Cape by yystudio, Etsy
I try not to feature a Seller twice but I so love this cape too, the funnel style collar is Tres Chic!
1960s Winter White Cape at VintageFrenchSugar, Etsy
I'm loving this Post, I'm discovering some gorgeous capes and some fantastic shops for my favourites list!  This cape is adorable, winter white can be just as chic as black.
Another gorgeous red cape. I was hoping not to mention Little Red Riding Hood but how could I resist?
Military Mod Camel Cape by 658GreeneStreet, Etsy
Camel is 'so this season', the new black? I love the colour, the clean lines and the cinched waist!

Dark Horse Cape by SewNinja, Etsy
There's something about Capes that remind me of innocence and purity, maybe it's the nurse's uniform, super heros and Fairytale Characters.  But this great version by SewNinja (great name) dispels all the 'cape myths'!
I love this one as it can be cinched in at the waist, an added 'on trend' feature!
Vintage Faux Leopard Cape from YesteryearGlam, Etsy
This great cape ticks 3 'on trend' boxes - a cape, leopard print and a reversible camel lining.  Fantastic!
Cute 1960s Mod Cape from DemiMondeVintage, Etsy
What a cape! Could have come straight out of the film Quadrophenia!

So, who needs to shop on the High Street to be a Fashionista?

I hope these lovely capes gave you some inspiration, as always if you want to buy click on the heading to be taken to the shop.

Thanks for dropping by.


Brighton Breezy said...

ah capes!

I was s-o-o in love with my orange and brown tweed number, back in the 70s ... go have a laugh here:


Amy said...

Great selection of capes. Love the leopard one x

Fat Chick Design said...

I love capes, I have a 70's pattern for one, that I am going to make to go with my safari suit!

yystudio said...

Lovely! Stylish, chic, and fashion-forward!

Kimberley said...

This is a great post, your right capes are everywhere at the moment! Thanks for featuring mine! xxx

Emma Thomsen said...

Thanks everyone for dropping by! I really appreciate your comments - I'm off to buy me a cape! ;)