Wednesday, 13 October 2010

MORE FABRIC NEWS! Sneak Peek At The Latest Echino Fabric, Thanks Superbuzzy!

Yet another sneak peek, we are being so spoilt!  Over at Superbuzzy they are giving us a fantastic sneak peek of the latest Echino Fabric designed by the very talented Etsuko Furuya!
The first of these great designs is called 'Flap', these darling birds are just perfect!
This design is 'Woodland' a stunning forest/animal print - more contemporary than Bambi don't you think?
These gorgeous birds are called 'Perch', bringing back the favorite 'bird on a ball'.  Don't you love it when a Designer remains faithful to the stuff we love!
'Polka Dot', an understated name but full of the 'Wow!' factor
The "Story" patchwork design gives us a taster of the 'whole story' on one piece of fabric - genius!

The line is due in Superbuzzy at the beginning of November, but to top it all they have been lucky enough to get hold of some 1/2 meter bundles, a full month before they're available off the bolt.  So, if you can't wait until November check out Superbuzzy to get some now!

I hope you enjoyed this Sneak Peek and it went some way to get your 'creative juices flowing' in readiness for its release in November.

Thanks for dropping by! :)


The undomesticated scientist said...

wow, very very cool and i'm very very jelous! that fabric is fantastic! x

Emma Thomsen said...

It is gorgeous fabric, I could buy stacks of it very easily! ;)

Fat Chick Design said...

Birds are still rocking it for me.
I spent my morning/money in a fabric shop, so ha!
I am not tempted! - for today only of course!

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

LoVely display Emma!
just wondered if you were aware of the Fall into Fall giveaway happening in a massive way? could be i missed it on your sidebar, but contact me if you want to connect with it...
thx for the morning chat! FuN! as we sip our cuppas together across the pond :)

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

I could go broke with this fabric! Quilts are running through my mind right now. Thanks for sharing!

Emma Thomsen said...

Bonnie, there are always a few extra coppers in the coffers to buy anoth yard or two!

Hi Faith Hope Cherrytea, thanks for that I'll check out your side bar! ;)

Itchin' Stitchin' Glad to be of service. I love quilting (even though I am so bad at it), i have 2 waiting to be quilted in the attic - I must sort that out!

Thanks for all your lovely comments! Emma x

Anonymous said...

I like the story patchwork fabric. Thanks for stopping by :-)

Emma Thomsen said...

You're welcome! ;)