Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Monaco Fabric by Monaluna Deserves a Grand Prix!

Scooters In Pink at HabitatTextiles, Etsy

Monaco is such a perky fabric, I simply love it

  • I know Monaluna (Jennifer Moore) released the Monaco fabric back in June this year but as I didn't start my Blog until late August I had to slip it in somewhere, and now is as good a time as any.  
  • The self-produced line of organic cotton fabric by Monaluna is her first collection, it's a vibrant and youth-friendly collection of modern birds, graphic florals, whimsical scooters and retro geometrics.
  • Right Fabric-istas, let's get down to some serious Eye Candy!....
    Monaco Pink Collection at CedarhouseFabrics, Etsy
    Pink Birds at ModernOrganicFabrics, Etsy

    Monaco in Blue Bundle at HabitatTextiles, Etsy
    Flowerbed from Monaco in Teal at ModernOrganicFabrics, Etsy
    Double Dot In Teal from CedarhouseFabrics at Etsy
    And here's some Monaco Magic for great inspiration!
    Pretty Travel Mug - Teal Flowerbed by PrettyNPreppy at Etsy
    Great use of fabric, one of those occasions when I think "I wish I had thought of that!".

    Monaco Birds Dress/Tunic by BittyBambu at Etsy

    A great dress for a little girl or a top to go with leggings or jeans for older girls, very cute!

    Monaco in Pink Rag Quilt by SewSusie1 at Etsy
    Snuggle up chic style!

    Scooters Decoupaged Bucket by Brodyandma at Etsy

    I would not have dreamt in a million years that I would feature a galvanised bucket in a fabric blog, but it works brilliantly.  Is there such a thing as 'Sturdy Cute'?

    As always with my Blog, if you're inspired and want to buy just click on the picture heading as it is linked back to the Seller.

    I hope that perked up your day, thanks for dropping by! :)


    The undomesticated scientist said...

    i must resist the fabric, i must resist the fabric, i must resisit the yummy yummy fabbric.....

    Emma Thomsen said...

    Morning Undomesticated Scientist, I will be impressed if you manage to resist, this fabric is too charming for words! :)

    Weebeastie said...

    The fabric made me drool a bit....absolutely gorgeous!

    Fat Chick Design said...

    one who encourages the spending of housekeeping on fabric


    hensteeth said...

    Emma ~ thank you so much for your kind comments and words of support.
    I am enjoying your blog...so many delicious pieces of gorgeousness...keep up the great work. x

    Posie Patchwork said...

    Don't knock the bucket, visual merchandising, fabric, what next in your stylish choices?? Love Posie

    Emma Thomsen said...

    Good Afternoon, thank you all for dropping by! Now Weebeasties, I hope you managed to dab your chin with a very pretty hankie! Fat Chick Design, you clearly have me sussed already and Posie Patchwork, I have to say I love the bucket (another 'I wish I had thought of that'!). Have a great afternoon, don't spend too much on fabric! Emma ;)

    Emma Thomsen said...

    Hensteeth, you are very welcome I meant every word! I'm glad you are enjoying my Blog, thank you for following! ;)