Thursday, 21 October 2010

Jennifer Moore is Monaluna Fabrics!


The divine Jennifer Moore of Monaluna, a favourite 'craft crush' of mine, has very kindly agreed to let me write an article about her and has given me permission to use all of her lovely pictures - maybe she didn't expect me to use a picture of her but I wanted to introduce the face behind the beautiful fabric.  I just love this picture of her with her cat!

Further to my recent Post giving a Sneak Peek of her new line for Robert Kaufman, my first selection of her fabrics begins with Circa 50s for Birch Fabrics, a really fun take on 50s design.  I would like to say this is my favourite collection, but then give me 10 minutes and it will be the next for sure!

Circa 50s Chairs at CedarhouseFabrics, Etsy
Circa 50s Cars at Fernandinafibers, Etsy
Circa 50s Houses at FernandinaFibers, Etsy
Circa 50s Space at CuddleUms, Etsy
The following collections are for Robert Kaufman and although a different design house it stills holds Jennifer's inimitable style.  This great collection is Metro Cafe, still with a 50s feel but a bit more 'Tres Chic!  Hmm, maybe this is my favourite?
I love Jennifer's gorgeous flannels, thoughts of cosy pyjamas in fun funky prints come to mind!  The first of her flannels is from the Flitter Collection.
And here are some great Urban Bloom flannels.
Here are some of the Mingle collection, great coordinating fabrics for all her other collections.
And of course there are the very cute Chicks of Metro Market.
And some very pretty About Town.
I know I have already done a whole feature dedicated to Monaco, Monaluna's self produced fabric, but I had to add at least one picture of it, ultimately my favourite Monaluna collection?  Possibly.
Check over at the Modern Organic Fabrics website as they're having a 10% Sale on Monaco.
  • As previously introduced, Jennifer is the Designer behind Monaluna.  She studied Cultural Anthropology and Design at the University of Minnesota and then worked in various aspects of design, including project management and toy design for Manhattan Toy, (I'd love to see those toys!) children’s clothing design for Target Corporation and decorative accessories design for Pottery Barn Kids.  
  • In 2005 she finally decided to pursue her creative vision by starting her own company, the wonderful surface and textile design company Monaluna based in the Bay Area of California.
  • Her creative inspiration comes from her love of beauty in nature and is motivated by the desire to create beautiful materials for other designers and crafters and especially enjoys designing fabrics.  
  • In 2008, Monaluna began partnering with Robert Kaufman Fabrics to produce several collections of fabric for the quilting and sewing markets, and in 2009, designed the premiere organic collection for Birch Fabrics. 
  • Monaluna has also partnered with the stationery company Mara-Mi to design a collection of journals and office products released in spring 2010. 
  • As mentioned in my Monaco Post, in June 2010 Monaluna released its first self-produced line of organic cotton fabric, a vibrant and youth-friendly collection of modern birds, graphic florals, whimsical scooters and retro geometrics (I think it has to be my favourite).
And here's what all you lovely Sewing-istas are making with Monaluna fabrics.
Crayon Caddy in Circa 50s Rockets by CrzyBagLady, Etsy
Rocket Pillowcase by SKNaturals, Etsy
Patchwork Baby Blanket by peanuttree, Etsy
Half Apron by CrzyBagLady, Etsy
Mini Everyday Bag by TheLaughingHouse, Etsy
I hope this Post has given you an insight into the very talented Jennifer Moore and the opportunity to check out some of her gorgeous fabrics and fabulous places to buy them.  I also hope Jennifer forgives me for using her photo as my main picture, but now you know who she is.  Check out my Post Sneak Peek of her new line for Robert Kaufman for another look at her new collections.

As always, if you are inspired and wish to buy click on the link to be taken to the shop.

Many thanks for dropping by. :)


Fat Chick Design said...

Great post Emma,
I still think the scooters are my favourite!

Weatherbee ;) said...

LOVE all the fabrics! So cute! I love paisleys!:)


Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Bonnie, I love the scooters too, they are just super funky and fresh! ;)

Hi Teresa, they are great Paisleys, not the usual 'vintage/shabby' style you often see. ;)

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Emma. It's so funny here I am visiting you all the way in London and I see the name Fernandinafibers on your blog. I grew up only 20 minutes from that lovely, sleepy beach town growing up. Only 45 minutes away now but the town is a resort town now. I hopped over to her shop and noticed that she lives maybe 1 hour away from me. What a small world.

Hugs...Tracy :) said...

Hi Teresa - I love your blog! Your fabrics are gorgeous too! Nikki