Saturday, 9 October 2010

How To Be On Trend and Remain 'Buy Handmade' Faithful!

Giraffe Print Cowl/Scarf by Winterwarmer at Etsy
Animal Print Fabrics are so Hot this Autumn/Winter, but how do you avoid becoming a slave to the High St?

  • Well here I have some inspiration so you can follow through with your Handmade Pledge and be 'On Trend'!  
  • To carry the Animal Print Chic, it's all about being subtle with accessories rather than in your face 80's leopard from head to toe.
Leopard Print Coffee Cup Holder by Josiex2 at Etsy
You can't get more subtle than this,  the ultimate in animal print accessories and so eco friendly, by reusing your coffee cup holder.
Leopard Print Newsboy Cap by NextPageAccessories at Etsy
I love the Newsboy Cap, they look great on girls of all ages, from Toddlers up to the more Senior Fashionistas!
Giraffe Print Gadget Holder by PuppyDogsNPolkaDots by Etsy
The giraffe print is a more conservative (with a small 'c') animal print and this gadget holder/purse keeps the animal print look compact but shows you're still on trend!
Faux Leopard Cowl by RiordanRoache at Etsy
There are many leopard print scarves but this has to be one of my favorites, simply for the colour - really rich with a clear print!
Faux Fur Cloche Hat by MoaningMinnie at Etsy
Again there are lots of animal print hats, but I like the fact its black and white, which makes it easier to coordinate - especially if you're a 'black loving vamp' and being that extra bit furry it's great fun!
Cheetah Arm Warmers by RunzWithScissors at Etsy
These have a really great print and could be worn during the day with knitwear or in the evening to complete the 'little black dress'.
Leopard Print Leggings by Ekohaus at Etsy
Wowser!  How much do I love these leggings and would wear them day and night if I had those legs!
Leopard Print Tote by WaterfordBagLady at Etsy
I had to include at least one animal print bag and this Tote looks so roomy.  I didn't want to go mad with bags as there are so many to choose from.   I tried to stick with accessories you might not think of straight away.
Leopard Print Wipe Case by RasburryBliss at Etsy
Yummy Mummy Chic!  I wish these were about when my three were babies, hear this Mummy Roar!

So there you have it, a little bit of animal print inspiration and still faithful to Handmade or maybe Sewing-istas you've been inspired to make your own Animal Print Accessories!

If you are inspired or want to buy click on the heading of the picture to be taken to the shop! :)

Thanks for dropping by! ;)


RunzwithScissors said...

Well, you did something right, because my leopard arm warmers sold right way! Thanks!

Emma Thomsen said...

RunzwithScissors Excellent news, they are just fab! I'm hoping my Blog is sending out 'good vibrations' and encouraging people to buy quality and that means buying handmade! ;)