Saturday, 30 October 2010

Have A Jolly Cute Halloween!

Mini Boo Halloween Cushion by ilovehearts, Etsy

  • I feel like my 'Blogging Mojo' is a little weak right now.  The children have been on Half Term this week and I just haven't had the 'silence' for creative thoughts and to feel inspired. 
  • My head is full of a busy weekend ahead what with a Children's Halloween Party Sunday and tomorrow spent cooking for that. 
  • Also a serious family illness is adding to my lack of creative mojo. 
  • So as I'm feeling negative and a bit low I will try and end on a cheery note and bid you all a jolly Halloween and share some cute halloween stuff!
Candy Rib Cage Tee by Applenoggin, Etsy

Monster Kitty Pouch by SparkleGirl, Etsy

Frankenstein Monster Mary Jane Shoes by EmandSprout, Etsy

Candy Corn The Owlet by tzburps, Etsy

Cute Trick Or Treat Tote by Cathystotes, Etsy

Vampire Bundle Baby Doll by Casienipper, Etsy
Thank you for dropping by, I really do appreciate that you're interested in what I have to say about fabric and value every comment, responding as best I can.  Emma :)


Fat Chick Design said...

The vampire baby is the cutest!
Big hugs Emma OOOOO

Emma Thomsen said...

Thanks for the hug Bonnie, I need a nice squeeze! ;)

Danielle said...

Sorry you're having one of those weeks, Emma! I do appreciate your blog very much. It's fun and inspiring and several times you've given my ego a much needed boost! My week's been kinda crazy, too, with half days and Halloween prep. I've been focusing in November 1st like it's my light at the end of the tunnel.;) I hope things ease up for you soon. You and your family have a Happy Halloween!