Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Favourite Fabric Thy Name Is Velvet!

Oaxaca Tehuantepec & Velvet Pillow by Edenmiller, Etsy

Velvet has to be my ultimate textile, it's super soft, sumptuous, rich, warm and versatile! Thou shall not covet, but here are a selection of velvet items where I do just that. 

There's something about the term 'velvet pillows' that is so evocative and the pillow above is no exception.  The gorgeous colours are like a fireplace on a cold winter's day.  They would look gorgeous on our huge leather sofa, along with all Edenmiller's pillows.  A little pricey to scatter with 3 young children in the house, which makes them so covetable.
Silk Velvet Wrap Dress by MomoSoho, Etsy

Ooh La La!  Such a stunning 'dress', I think with my legs a smart pair of black trousers would be a definite requirement!
Vintage Style Ruffle Scarf by Nikkisic, Etsy

Based on a 1790 design I love the way this scarf has the appearance of being fluid.
Velvet Cloche Hat by MoaningMinnie, Etsy

The delightful Moaning Minnie has done it again, producing another of her charming hats in my favourite fabric and in a gorgeous scarlet red.
Emilio Pucci Velvet Jumpsuit at VivaLaVintageShoppe, Etsy

How fantastic is this 1960s jumpsuit, if this could ever end up under the Christmas Tree for me I would squeal like a crazy woman!
Velvety Skulls Bag by jFaith, Etsy

I love this bag SO much, I think it might have to be a Christmas gift to myself!  The richness of the velvet and colours make me think vintage roses until you take closer look.  As jFaith says "does she have a wild side?".

Black Velvet Opera Coat at StarletVintage, Etsy

Wowser, what a coat!  It's a vintage coat dating back to the1970s. So formal and yet so feminine, definitely ticks my covet box!
Green Velvet Allium Cushion by UKDesigns, Etsy

The colours on this cushion just go Pop, right in your face!  Velvet seems to hold colour so well, don't you think?  Going back to our leather sofa, a pair each end would look so dramatic.
Midas of Miami Velvet Pansy Basket at TrendiBindi, Etsy

Such a charming little vintage basket and in such fantastic condition, with the original tag.  So evocative of a past 'feminine' era!

I love cuffs, they add a really interesting edge, in particular this gothic style.  Made with vintage fabrics this pair hold such mystery, virginal white lace mixed with super soft vampish black velvet.  So beguiling!

So there's my ever so slightly indulgent trip into all things velvet and I'm afraid I enjoyed every minute, I hope you did too.  If you're inspired and want to buy just click on the picture heading to be taken straight to the shop.

What is your ultimate fabric?

Thanks for dropping by!  ;)


Danielle said...

Oooh! How luscious! I love the bag, the basket, the scarf, that coat! And, I agree with you about that jumpsuit. All that's missing is a martini! ;)

Fat Chick Design said...

I love a bit of velvet!
I used to have the standard velvet suit jacket when I was a student.
I also love a bit of crepe de chine, and moleskin.
mmmm texture!

Emma Thomsen said...

Danielle I have to agree, but is that a Vodka Martini or Gin Martini? :) Hi Bonnie, how lovely a velvet jacket! I think I'm going to have to buy the bag just for an excuse to wear some velvet about my person! :)

Rachelle said...

I'm another velvet lover too, but it has to be either silk velvet or cotton velvet; both feel so much nicer than rayon!

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Rachelle, thanks for dropping by, I absolutely agree! ;)