Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Fabric of Dreams!

Alexander Henry's New Matisse Fabric isn't due to be released until the beginning of November but I couldn't wait to share it with you.

The Alexander Henry website quotes "Henri Matisse, who lovingly collected textiles his entire life, called this fabric collection his “working library,” and used flowers, dots and stripes to up-end the established laws of three-dimensional illusion. Inspired by this concept, these lyrical prints display some of the energy and spontaneity that was signature to Matisse’s work."

I found Hancock's of Paducah have their shop set up all ready to receive orders when the fabric arrives hot off the press.   And now a feast for the eyes!
Alexander Henry Matisse Vie En Rose Floral Dove
Vie En Rose Floral Dove
Alexander Henry Matisse Composition: Coral Cut Out
Composition: Coral Cut Out
Alexander Henry Matisse Amelie Rose
Amelie Rose
Alexander Henry Matisse Colour in Stripes Bright
Colour In Stripes Bright
Alexander Henry Matisse A Still Life Multi
A Still Life Multi
Alexander Henry Matisse Anja Floral Paisley Bright
Anja Floral Paisley Bright
Alexander Henry Matisse Joy Of Life Dove
Joy of Life Dove
What simply beguiling fabric, I cannot wait to see what all you talented Sewing-istas make with it.

Here are some more works of Matisse, which show just how much he loved fabric.  In most of his work the fabric seems to influence the picture more than the subject itself.  Fantastic!

Decorative Figure on an Ornamental Ground 1925-26

Snow Flowers 1951
Henri Matisse, Le Paravent mauresque
The Moorish Screen 1921

Odalisque with Yellow Persian Robe & Anemones 1937

Still Life With Blue Tablecloth 1909

Odalisque In Red Trousers 1924-25
Forgive my ignorance but I kept wondering who Odalisque was and after a little reasearch, it seems it is a 'slave in a harem'.  Matisse visited French colonies in North Africa in 1906 and 1912-13 and re-created the image of the Islamic harem using French models posed in his Nice apartment.

Matisse - His Art and His Textiles
How much do I covet this book?

Matisse is surely the Grandfather of Fabric Addicts!  "We are not worthy!"

I hope you enjoyed exploring Alexander Henry's simply gorgeous Matisse Fabric collection and the Artist behind it.

If you have been inspired and want to buy, click on the heading of each fabric sample.

Thank you for dropping by! :)


momto2wasd said...

I've seen previews of these fabrics, and they are wonderful, aren't they? Do you have any sewing plans for them?

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Momto2wasd, I so want to do something with Vie en Rose, they simply move me! And I may make something simple with Amelie in Rose as it's my daughter's name so I have to make her something with it, maybe a fun skirt. What would you make with it? Emma :)

Brighton Breezy said...

ooh scrummy! Of course, I'd never actually make anything out of them - I'd just stroke them :)

Emma Thomsen said...

Hmm Brighton Breezy, they are crying out to be stroked!!!! :)