Monday, 18 October 2010

F is For Fox in Fabric!

Fox Cushion Cover by Lilybethgoodies, Etsy
Another weekend over, it's 'Manic Monday' morning and the Fabric ABC is back!
  • Fat Chick Designs and Faith Hope Cherrytea gave me some great ideas for F, thank you ladies.  But when I asked my 5 year old daughter straight away she said Fox, how had I not thought of that?  Especially as recently someone said that the Fox is the new Owl in the Handmade community so I was curious to find out whether that was true.  Here's what I found. 
  • My first choice, what a great cushion and such a cheeky fox, he is so up to no good - is that possible nestled in a chair?

Outdoorsy/Forest Quilt by becauseimme, Etsy

What a lovely quilt, not specifically foxy, but  there's so much to see and yet it's really simple.  You could have great fun playing spot the fox, can you spot him?
Foxy Mama Onsie by KDbuggie, Etsy

One for little boys.  I so love this charming onsie, it has to be said all Mums are Foxy!
Fox on A Bike T Shirt by Darkcycleclothing, Etsy
And one for the big boys.  This design is so funny, makes me think of Fantastic Mr Fox!  It is available on a Tote too.
I'm still looking for a Gadget cover, might be this one - cute yet functional.
Liam Little Red Fox by Sleepyking, Etsy

A very handsome Fox, as featured in Stuffed magazine.
Fox Tote/Purse by TailfeathersJewelry, Etsy
What a gorgeous Tote, such a beguiling vixen - Ooh La La!
I am so going to get me one of these, perfect for cold Sunday mornings on the sidelines watching the children playing rugby.  They have a huge selection of animals to choose from.
Foxy Fox Brooch by denardi, Etsy

There's something about this brooch I find Tres Chic! It's tiny and simple but would have massive impact!
Arctic Foxen by Abigail Brown, Etsy

Do you recall my article about the delightful fabric birds by Abigail brown?  Well she does the occasional animal too, in particular this gorgeous fox!

So there's my take on F is For Fox.  I think the fox could easily take over the owl's top perch, they are very charming.

My favourite Fox in Fabric has to be the Onsie, when my children were that young anyone or anything calling me Foxy would have perked me right up after long sleepless nights!

So next week it's G For.... any really great 'outside the box' suggestions?

If you are inspired and want to buy, just click on the picture heading to be taken to the shop.

Thanks for dropping by! ;)


Fat Chick Design said...

I love them all.
Cool F choice Emma
PS - thanks for your comments :)

Amy said...

thanks for the lovely comment. Great selection of Foxy goodies x

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Bonnie, thanks for the compliment! My daughter is 5 going on 25, she's far cooler than me;)

Hi Amy, thanks for dropping by and the kind compliment, I really appreciate it! ;)

Cecily said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my quilt show pics! Check back in a couple weeks - I'm trying to finish a bargello for the Blogger's Quilt Festival!

So glad I found your blog - total eye candy! My son is in love with all the foxes on this post too. :)

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Cecily, I look forward to seeing your Bargello! I'm glad your son liked the foxes! ;)