Monday, 11 October 2010

E Is For Evergreen in Fabric!

Wren on A Branch Pillow by Willywaw, Etsy
Wow, it's Monday's Fabric ABC already!

  • Last week I had many suggestions for E is for, but decided on Evergreen as suggested by the Delicious Fat Chick Designs.  Thank you if you joined in.  
  • I decided to go for Evergreen with the changing season in mind and also I love the song Evergreen by Barbara Streisand, with the line "Love ageless and evergreen" - like Babs herself.  
  • I feel I should mention that I have kind of 'cheated', if you'll forgive me, I have also searched under Pine and Fir Tree too.
Evergreen Longsleeve T Shirt by SQUISHdesigns, Etsy
To begin with this cute appliqued toddler's long sleeve shirt caught my eye.  It has a hand batik and hand painted evergreen tree, great for your little adventurer!
Pumpkin & Rabbit Halloween Plushie by UsagiRabbit, Etsy
This cute little shop makes and sells these charming bunnies and it seems this one is obsessed by pumpkins, that is just too funny! :D
Earthy Floral Shoulder Bag by TheNeedleWorks, Etsy
I love this bag, the fabric reminds me of an old tapestry from the Middle Ages, simply lovely! 
Rose Blossom Vintage Brass Necklace by LaClaire, Etsy
What a great necklace, so simple and yet quite dramatic.  A Fabric-ista couldn't ask for more!
Rustic Elk & Pine Pillow by NorthernLodge, Etsy
This pillow has a great Christmassy feel and yet charming enough to take you through the whole of Autumn and Winter!
Vintage Cotton & Denim Messenger Bag by CalviRee, Etsy
I love this bag, so much thought has been put into making it.  Every detail has been given in the shop but in brief it has been made with pine green denim, and blue/green paisley, lined in vintage cotton ticking and natural unbleached canvas - .and that is brief.  It really is so feminine without being girly!

Tree T Shirt by Loglike, Etsy
This funky and quirky organic T shirt has cheeky squirrel and woodpecker badges, so you can put them wherever you want on your T shirt!
Felt Flower Pin by OnceAgainSam, Etsy
This is such an adorable pin, great to wear on your clothes or somewhere you want to add a touch of colour.
Neckscape Scarf/Cowl by Babyette, Etsy
What a great scarf, a change from the one piece of fabric and yet still a classic style.  

I so love this 'evergreen' colour, some might describe it as British Racing Green.  I think it makes a refreshing change from Black or Navy.

So another week and another letter gone by, I can't believe it was 4 weeks ago I started the Fabric Alphabet.  I have found that time just flies by when you're having fun... blogging!

F next week, any suggestions?  I love the challenge when someone comes up with something that isn't so obvious!

Thanks for dropping by. :)


Fat Chick Design said...

I feel like a winner! Thank you :)
I don't think that is cheating at all! I bet you had a look for all things called Emma too!:)
You could have gone totally eco as well!

I love the t shirt with the movable badges, that's smart.
F is for Fringe!

Emma Thomsen said...

Ooh I like Fringe, that could give me some interesting finds! Thanks Fat Chick Design! :)