Monday, 4 October 2010

D Is For Detectives In Fabric!

Tail Wind Cape by BombnBellClothing at Etsy
I have been watching the Detectives for my Fabric ABC!
  • Good morning!Thank you to everyone who came up with so many great suggestions for 'D is For...'.  
  • It was Steph at who came up with D Is For Detectives.  I knew it would be quite a challenge and it did take me out of my 'comfort zone' with regard to the items I have featured, but I think that made it all the more fun and I hope more interesting for you.
  • To begin with The Tail Wind Cape is described as "Perfect for playing detective and cracking the case", Caution: Tres Chic detective at work!
The Inverness coat is a type of formal overcoat, fashionable in the Victorian and Edwardian periods, reminiscent of the Sherlock Holmes detective coat. Perfect for historical reenactment, cowboy or Victorian eras. Bang up to date for Steampunk and Gothic fans!
Lincoln Selleck Men's T Shirt by 57ThirtyThree at Etsy
And now for something completely different! This T features two great american icons, Abraham Lincoln and Tom Selleck (swoon), the dream team. Also featured is the ferrari 308 GTS from Magnum P.I.

CSI Recycled T-shirt Pillow by MyTShirtPillow at Etsy

Made from Recycled T Shirts.  I love the graphics on this pillow, great for any Crime Scene Investigation fan!
A stitched illustration of a fingerprint. Hand embroidered over original drawing in black thread on thick cream, heavy weave, cotton fabric.  There's something about a fingerprint that gives me a chill!

Unisex Deerstalker Hat by MoaningMinnie at Etsy

Great contemporary deerstalker unisex hat handmade from a high quality tweed fabric in browns/beige/blue. I'm so glad I have an excuse to feature an item from Moaning Minnie, I love her hats. I must buy myself one as the cold weather sets in.
Hercule Poirot PJs by BtCbyKatie at Etsy

The white organic cotton cami is hand painted with Poirot's signature bowler hat and mustache. Inside the hat is another of Poirot's endearing traits, a quote about the "little gray cells". Cute PJs with an intellectual twist!

This pretty tote is shades of soft golds , taupes and creams. Created from a vintage brocade bedcover, beautifully loved and threadbare in places.  A charming bag, great for any 'shabby chic' fan!

So there is my take on Detectives in Fabric, thanks for the challenge Steph.  Feels like a very grown up ABC post this week.

If any of the items inspire you or you wish to buy, click on the title of the picture which is a link to the shop.

Do you have suggestions for 'E is For...'?  I'm tempted to search out Emma but I think that's a little too self involved and I do try to avoid that if I can!

Thanks for dropping by as always! :)


SewSuzie said...

E is for elephants ( a little predictable!) Elms, eggs or maybe even elegant or electricity.

Fat Chick Design said...

cool finds Emma!
E is for Eggplant, Egypt, Evergreen, Enzymes, Eat, Emu,Evolution and Evil!

Have fun!

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi SewSuzie, hmm some good 'food for thought', thanks for the suggestions. Eggs could be a good one. ;)

Emma Thomsen said...

Cor Blimey Fat Chick Design! you definitely want to challenge me! Fantastic suggestions though. (Sorry about the Cor Blimey, I've spent too much time living in London, very Carry On!) ;D

Fat Chick Design said...

'ere cheeky! (cackles like Barbara Windsor)

Emma Thomsen said...

Fat Chick Design, you do Bab's so well! ;)

designed to a T said...

Love the tote...Along the same lines as the D is for Detective...E is for Elementary (my dear fellow!)..Thanks for following one of my blogs, jane on jane st, have some things coming up on that sometime next month...Terese

Emma Thomsen said...

Designed To A T, thanks for the suggestion, I will watch your Blog with interest! :)