Thursday, 28 October 2010

And The Winner Is......

Before I announce the lucky winner I'll put you all out of your misery.  This is the book the pattern comes from and whilst I don't know the name of it (as it's Japanese) I can confirm ISBN4-8347-6348-X.
And here is the pattern made up, yes it's a Hamster.  This one is a little fluffy round the edges as I made it for my son and he handles it quite a lot!
And for those who might want to have a go themselves, here are the instructions.  Whilst they are in Japanese they are pretty straightforward to follow.
  • The Winner is Jenny of Jenny Arnott Textiles.  There were so many great answers, the mermaid was particularly special and I can see in the pattern why you might have thought that.
  • Although no one specifically answered Hamster there were many mammals that were close, Jenny's answer was the closest or should I say smallest and the most rodent like.  In fact if this little fellow had a tail it could be a mouse.
  • So Jenny please email me your colour preference and address and I'll make up and send you you're own little hamster.  It's all hand sewn so please allow a good few days to get to you.  They come in 6.5cm or 9cm in height.  Here's a picture of some colour ideas.

Thank you everyone for taking part it was so much fun, I am definitely going to do another one soon.

Thanks for dropping by, have a great rest of the week! ;)


Deb said...

Congrats to Jenny! That was fun, Emma. Got the brain cells working and thinking a little creatively in a different kind of way. And that hamster is adorable!!!

Jenny said...

Oh wow, that's amazing! haha, when I guessed mouse, i actually was going to put /hamster!! maybe I know more about patterns than I give myself credit for:) will email you my address...etc in a min, thanks emma! xxx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I love the Japanese books! I have four with different dog outfits - can't understand a word but still so easy to follow!

Congratulations Jenny!

Nancy Sue said...

Congrats Jenny! Thank you Emma! This giveaway was a laugh riot! Very fun!

Brighton Breezy said...

... something slightly worrying about knowing the 2D representation of a hamster, but well done Jenny!

I loved this giveaway and I want the hamsters in my life ...

Fat Chick Design said...

That had to be the most intriguing give away ever.
I am just glad I know what it is now so I can sleep at night!

Emma Thomsen said...

I'm so pleased you all had such good fun with this giveaway, without a doubt I am definitely going to do another one sometime during November!