Friday, 22 October 2010

3 Giveaways! The Great, The Generous and The Fun!

NEWS of my wonderful 'Wet Saturday in Brighton' win and 3 Giveaways to Report including my own!
  • Lucky Me, this is the fab Brighton bundle I won from Pins & Needles.  
  • I won a wonderful cushion she made, especially for the Giveaway (how sweet is that), which all my family love.  It's perfect for resting your head on for an afternoon snooze, my 4 year old son Josh has already tested it!  
  • Also a piece of Brighton West Pier, a shell, a stick of Brighton Rock (already consumed), a handmade pin cushion and a very sweet embellished postcard.  
  • The kind of week I have had, I cannot tell you how much joy it gave me when I received it (like you can't imagine).
  • If you've fallen in love with the cushion, as I did, you'll be pleased to know she's holding another GREAT Brighton Giveaway.  So get yourself over to Pins & Needles for a chance to win.  Don't forget to come back as I've got another 2 Giveaways to report, including my own! :)
Check out this very generous GENEROUS Bliss Giveaway of 40 Fat Quarters, I'll spell that in case you misread it, that's FORTY Fat Quarters, WOWSER! over at LittleBlueBell along with Talk About Fabric.  Nip across for a chance to win this fantastic bundle of gorgeous fabric and don't forget to pop back if you want to enter my Fun Giveaway!
Bliss Giveaway
My FUN Giveaway isn't as generous as my previous Giveaways or certainly the Bliss Giveaway, it's just a bit of entertainment to test your sewing pattern/spacial awareness skill.  A skill all Sewing-istas have in abundance!
  • Can you guess what this pattern is for? The sheet is A4, if that's any help.
  • Leave a Comment with your Guess to enter. 
  • The nearest guess wins one of these mystery items, made by me in the colour of their choosing.  
  • If there is more than one 'nearest guess' the same then the names will be put in a hat for a draw.
  • You are welcome to enter as many times as you wish.
  • Not the biggest Giveaway ever so I'm guessing not many will enter, but hey it's a bit of fun and the fewer who enter the more chances you'll have of winning!
  • I post Internationally, so everyone is very welcome to join in.
  • Closing Date for Entries is 8pm BST Wed 27 Oct 2010.

Happy Guessing and Good Luck!

Thanks for dropping by!


Fat Chick Design said...

I have looked at this for ages and I have no clue! lol
At first I thought it was a mermaid, then I thought maybe its some sort of clothing, and then I thought, it must be applique of some sort and now I have given up!
I might come back to it though!

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Bonnie, thanks for taking part. Ok here's a clue, don't think 2D think 3D and the top left piece you have to cut 2 pieces. Any help? E x

Joan and Kevin said...

I think it is a fox?

Kelly Massman said...

Fox was my first guess too, but in case that is wrong, I'll guess raccoon.

Nancy Sue said...

Hoo! Hoo! My guess is an Owl...Hoo Hoo!
nsue21702 at gmail dot com

ps. Looking at Joan and Kevin's guess, maybe I should guess a Fox who ate an owl :)

Great giveaway....can't wait to see what it is!

Weatherbee ;) said...

Is it a dinosaur? :)

That's probably as good as my guess is going to get!!


Nikki said...

Not got a clue really, but going to say rabbit anyway.


Emma Thomsen said...

Wow, great guesses! I am very impressed, but that's all I'm going to say. Thanks for joining in! :)

gill said...

Are those wings on the left??
So some sort of bird is my best guess!

Brighton Breezy said...

ha ha - this must be driving me crazier than I thought - I even dreamed I made up the pattern last night and came up with a lobster-mermaid-owl ... do I win? do I win?

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Gill, thanks for entering, this is turning out to be so much fun! Brighton Breezy you made me laugh out loud, great guess! :D You can enter more than once so if anything comes to mind, do call back!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Emma. I just stopped by to thank your for your prayers. I'm feeling much better today and got lots of non stress rest. Which I loved.

As far as your giveaway I know you don't want to ship to the U.S. but I'll guess for the fun of it. My first thought was a mermaid but now that sounds way to easy. I love all the other guesses and can't wait to hear what it is myself.

OOOXXX's....Tracy :)

P.S. I'm a new follower!

Sandy O. said...

Ema, hi. I have a non-related question, wonder if you could help me.
I'm looking for the best online fabric shop you're aware of and would recomend. It can be from the UK or anywhere else, as long as it deliveres ideally at Portugal, but at the UK is ok as well.
Thank you.

Amy said...

I love the cushion x

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Tracy Suzanne, you are very welcome, I hope you're feeling better, thinking of you. I definitely will ship internationally, thanks for taking part. Hi Sandy O, I would recommend checking out Very Berry Handmade blog as they have a very comprehensive list of Fabric Shops they recommend. I will leave the link on your Blog.
Hi Amy, nip across to Pins & Needles and enter her latest Giveaway for a chance to win one of her great cushions! ;)

Sandy O. said...

Thank you so much Ema, I'll check it out :)

Kathy H said...

I was thinking it could be an elf. It is probably an animal but i am still guessing an elf.

Deb said...

Oh my! I first thought mermaid, but then I looked and squinted and tilted my head and am now thinking an Irish maiden with flowing hair out both sides??

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Kathy H and Deb, thanks for dropping by and joining in the fun! :)

gill said...

Hi Emma I can kinda see the 2 pieces that could be a mermaids tail but the rest?????
I'm not giving up just yet!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, could it be a fairy or an angel or something? I'm thinking that the piece that looks like a moustache could be wings!

Kathy H said...

Hi Emma, I am guessing again after reading your latest post about Jennifer and the fox. My new guess is a fox.
Your swap sounds like fun. I just did my first swap and sent it out. It was fun trying to think of things to send that were only from my area.

Ditzy and Dotty said...

Hmm, my guess is an elephant, although actually I can't even find a bit that looks like a trunk, so I'm probably way off track. I've just spent half hour staring at it trying to work it out!

gill said...

OK so the mermaids tail could in fact be a fox's brush????
PS this is such fun - thanks Emma

Fat Chick Design said...

Emma its making my head hurt!" lol
There are not enough little roundish bits to be feet, or eyes, arrgh!

Quilary said...

I think it's a rabbit, there are some very biggish rabbity 'ear-ish' looking parts there.

Jenny said...

I am rubbish at pattern cutting, and would have no more of an idea if I stared at it for hours and hours on end, but I guess.... a mouse??? xx

Weatherbee ;) said...

Okay...taking another guess....if it's not a dinosaur, maybe it's a flower!!! Final Answer! (for now at least) :)


Joan and Kevin said...

A reindeer?

Deb said...

Ok I have reconsidered. Had to call in the creative troops (aka 11 year old son!). I think it's a squirrel.

Deb said...

And he's holding an acorn :-)