Tuesday, 7 September 2010

When Fabric Can Spice Up Your Life!!!

Sea Blossom Flower Marine Print Camisole
Blue Flowers and Boats - Ahoy Sailor!

Fabric with Ooh La La!  All our favorite fabrics have been made into fabulously pretty lingerie, handmade by the very talented Gerry at Etsy shop Swoon.
How I found the Shop was a perfect example of marketing yourself by commenting on Forums.  I had started a Thread about UK tagging on Etsy and Swoon very kindly added a comment.  Checking out her Shop I discovered all this beautiful lingerie just crying out to be featured.  In the words of Swoon,  "Retro modern lingerie and sleepwear for sirens and sweethearts."
Rosebud Camisole
Rosebuds and Pink - ultra feminine!

I Love Paris Retro Cotton Sleep Mask
Any Paris print is Très Chic!
Rose Bunny Bra
Bunnies are so cute but the navy and stripes keep it fresh!
French Country Camisole Toile Stripes
The French style of this pretty camisole makes me think of Marie Antoinette,Très Élégant!

Profile: Home to retro-modern lingerie and sleepwear. All boudoir essentials are created in Swoon's 'bijou Highland atelier'. The aim is to reclaim glamour, adventure and romance. "I pass my days in a happy swoon and now - thanks to the wonders of technology - you can too! The English Rose in my Etsy avatar is Fleurdeguerre photographed in her Swoon camiknickers - many thanks to her for allowing the use of her image."

To see more ultra glamorous lingerie to buy or inspire check out the shop Swoon or Swoonlingerie Website, she is currently working on more sleepwear to add to her shop.

There simply isn't enough true feminine glamour in the world, thankfully Swoon is helping to fill that gap!  What's your favourite piece?  I think mine is the Sea Blossom Flower Marine Print Camisole - gorgeous!


Swoon said...

Wonderful job, Emma; thank you so much. I am glowing with pride! xxx

Gerry :-)

Emma Thomsen said...

You are very welcome, it was a complete pleasure! Your lingerie is divine, definitely on my Christmas wish list!!!

Valerie said...

The rosebud camisole is beautiful. Definitley another shop to add to my favourites!

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Valerie, thanks for dropping by. I'm so glad you think so! It's such a fresh vintage look, if that makes sense? ;)

Danielle said...

Everything is so pretty, so feminine! Hmmm, I have been thinking about Christmas lists lately...

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Danielle, absolutely! I SO need some decent sleep wear, Swoon is working on some ready for Christmas! Can't wait to check it out. ;)