Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A Treasure Chest of Vintage Fabric!

1950s Pot Plant - Simply charming and so kitsch!

Fabric Addicts check in HERE!  I found this fantastic fabric Shop by Donna Flower whilst browsing the Vintage & Handmade Fair Blog.  And whether you're an addict who buys fabric to craft into beautiful items or simply to collect, then this shop has something for all addicts alike!
1950s Kitschy Kitchen Fabric 
I find these kitschy kitchen fabrics so nostalgic, they remind me of the curtains in old ladies houses when I was very young.
1950s Kitchen Fabric 

They also remind me of the kitschy sitcoms from when I was young (repeats I might add) such as Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie.
1950s Cherries
How can anyone go wrong with cherries? They are so 'on trend' right now.
1970s Dekoplus
All I can say is colour! Hot yet cold? I don't know it's such hard work being a fabric addict.
Barbara Brown - Frequency
Sigh! This is so of it's time, I can see a fantastic Biba jumpsuit billowing along Abingdon Road, Kensington!
Marain Mahler - Mobiles
This design is so out there and yet incredibly charming!
1950s Ships In A Bottle 
What is it about boats and fabric, nautical just never seems to go out of fashion. Maybe it's because we live on an island?

1950s Beach Fabric

This piece just embodies stylish sunbathing and would make a fabulous beach bag!

The photos I have included are from Donna's Flickr and an example of the types of fabrics available and the style that appeals to me - bold, striking and contemporary. Probably more suited to cushions, curtains and bags, I guess 'statement' fabrics.

Her Shop also sells unique and one-off antique fabrics from the 19th Century, retro fabrics from the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's to vintage-inspired fabrics of today. They have fabrics for the modernist or retro house and textiles to suit the Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, country chic or 
shabby chic home. She also sell items handmade from vintage, recycled fabrics.

To Buy check out her Shop and to Inspire her Blog, The Fabric of My Life.

LATEST NEWS End of Summer Sale! at her Shop 10% off all stock during September.


Donna said...

Thank you for the lovely mention Emma. It's always nice to meet fellow fabric addicts :-)

Grumpy Old Woman said...

Lovely to find another fabraholic!


Country Cottage Chic said...

Donna's fabrics are fabulous & so popular at the V&H Fair!


Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Donna, it was a pleasure! Your shop is the type of place I could spend a whole weekend - fantastic! :)

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Grumpy Old Woman, thanks for the comment. Fabraholics unite! :D

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Country Cottage Chic, I can imagine everyone makes a bee line for her fabric, I know I would! ;)

Debs said...

I shop with Donna - it's such a pleasure opening her carefully wrapped packages. The fabrics look so lovely in real life. I use them for making home accessories, gifts and bags.

Emma Thomsen said...

Ooh Debs, you're really tempting me to buy something just for the joy of receiving a parcel from her. I love fabric parcels!!! :)