Thursday, 2 September 2010

Summer Over Already? Get Nostalgic With Jenny Arnott

Lighthouse Print
So is that it?  Was that the Summer?  I was feeling pretty disappointed with the Summer Holiday weather until I discovered the lovely work and Blog of Jenny Arnott.  Her nostalgic nautical pieces just makes me dream of blue skies and the sound of lapping surf! 

You know when something looks so simple and stylish and then you take another look and start seeing the detail and work that has gone into the piece?  For instance her designs for prints have been taken from illustrative textile collages, which are layered and built up using machine embroidery and a combination of pretty, patterned fabrics and decorative papers.  They are then digitally printed onto Albrecht Durer Art Paper, an exquisite cotton based mould-made archival paper with a slightly textured surface.
Beach Hut Cushion
Her gorgeous Beach Hut pillow is perfect for the Beach Hut I dream of owning one day, maybe the conservatory will do for now.
Beach Hut Lavender Bags
There's always space for lavender bags, especially when they remind me of Summer good times!
Garden Button Set
And these little cuties, with the little mushroom give a hint of autumn and the changing seasons to come!  Her freehand machine embroidered buttons are individually appliquéd with precious scraps of fabric.  Tell me how can anyone achieve such tiny detail with a sewing machine and not actually sew your fingers into the work???
Robin Christmas Card
....And then Christmas will be here soon.  I love this Robin, what would be really fab is if the embroidered robin could be lifted off the card and 'cushioned' onto felt so you have a little softie robin with an added loop to go on a Christmas tree - I'll have 5 of those please!
Christmas Buttons
And Lastly, but by no means least, more cute buttons.  I'm serious, all this tiny work my fingers would be in a serious mess! Talent indeed!

With a background in printed and embroidered textiles, Jenny is a British textile designer, living and working in a small town in rural Somerset. She designs and creates handmade textiles and accessories, inspired by her everyday surroundings and experiences, using machine embroidery, appliqué and lots of pretty fabrics!

The items are available on her Website and also her online shop at Not On The High Street. You can also keep up to date with her latest news and inspirations via her Blog and UK Handmade.      


Jenny said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful feature:) x

Danielle said...

I love that beach hut pillow. So cute! And both sets of buttons, especially the Christmas set, are yummy!

Emma Thomsen said...

Jenny, you are very welcome - it was a pleasure! ;)

Emma Thomsen said...

Danielle, do you put your art on pillows? They would be great scattered about for the Halloween season! :)