Friday, 17 September 2010

Scrappy Bird Tutorial - Thanks BlondeDesign

Very Cute Scrappy Bird!
  • Check out this great Scrappy Bird Tutorial over at BlondeDesigns.
  • Apart from being really cute, the instructions are clear and photos make it even easier to follow!
  • Check it out now so that you can use up all those tiny bits are fabric that are just too precious to go in the bin, just click HERE!
  • Maybe use some Christmassy Fabric (such as the fabric in my Giveaway) and make some Christmas bird decorations!
  • Thanks BlondeDesigns!



Thanks Emma! Just entered your giveaway. Kxxx

Emma Thomsen said...

You're welcome BlondeDesign, it's such a great tutorial. You see that type of bird in lots of places but never a pattern, so it's really helpful. Good Luck with the Giveaway! :)