Thursday, 23 September 2010

My Innocent Crush on Anna Maria Horner

I am smitten! The thoroughly gorgeous Innocent Crush fabrics by Anna Maria Horner are already in stock at Hawthorne Threads, and unbelievable 2 months ahead of schedule!
Swept Away - Quilting
Charmed - Quilting
Home Decor
Home Decor

Anna Maria says on her Blog "First Impression. LovesMe LovesMeNot. Maybe. Mixed Signals. Woodcut. Turn of Events. Queen of Hearts. Shattered. Slow Dance. Bubble Burst. 

These are subtitles that moved along my little story of an Innocent Crush.... I will start you with a thought, though, because its one that drove my whole design process: I love the phrase Innocent Crush, the paradox, the youth, the sweetness of it, the awkward-not-quite-right, mismatched, fickle-ness of it too. Harmony is inspiring for some, occasionally an emotional collision is even more so. Enjoy!"

I absolutely love these designs, the gorgeous rich colours.  The Charmed palette reminds me of voluptuous fruits, plums, cherries and berries!  And the Swept Away palette reminds me of the seaside in autumn/winter, the ferocious sea and steely skies with a wind that whisks your breath away - making me feel alive!

So maybe Autumn and Winter won't be such a grey and drab wash out (as it can be in London) after all!

If you want some of these gorgeous fabrics get yourself across to Hawthorne Threads to stock up your stash for all those lovely Handmade gifts you'll be working on for Christmas!

Or for Inspiration check out Anna's Blog Here.

I adore the velveteen line (velvet is my favorite fabric), you could have so much fun with it!  Which one do you have an innocent crush on?

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Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Now I too have a crush! What gorgeous fabrics xx I am a bit of a fabric feind but I can blame you this time! lol!! xxx love Annie

Emma Thomsen said...

Thanks Annie, they are gorgeous aren't they! The sewing possibilities are endless!.... :)