Saturday, 18 September 2010

Look What We Made This Afternoon!

"Right Amelie, I need to dust off my sewing machine because we're gonna do some sewing!"

Do you remember My Clothkit Parcel Blog?  Well after a morning of planting daffodil bulbs with the kids it was time to make our Clothkit doll.
So, first job was to cut out the doll pieces from the sheet.  Luckily instructions recommend you "cut out and make up the dolly before making up the clothes because the tiny pieces are so easily mislaid".  Which is really helpful as I would have happily cut out all the pieces and promptly lost a few on the way.
Uh oh, big deal! First stitches made, here we go!
Nicely sewn and ironed legs, note my (cough cough) smoothly sewn lines.
Legs stuffed, nice and firm!
Here are her arms sewn and ironed, ready for stuffing.  
And her stuffed arms.  By the way Amelie was doing a great job helping me stuff her!
Now a tricky bit, sewing the three layers of fabric - 2 sides of arm and front body piece.
Dolly now has her arms and back of her body sewn on.  We're getting there.
And her legs are on, a tricky hand sew onto the back of her body.
Here she is, stuffed and all sewn up.
We're making her clothes next weekend, so we put on a dress knitted by Grandma to spare her blushes!
So what did Amelie name her?  Violet, perfect!

Can you spot the deliberate mistake?  Her arms are on the wrong way round, the palms should be facing forward.  And as Amelie kindly pointed out poor Violet can't clap!  Oh dear.  But I kind of like that about her, being handmade she's a bit wonky with the odd error.  She's  special and unique!

So where is Violet right now?  Tucked up in bed with Amelie!

Do you have a handmade something that isn't perfect, which makes it special?


sew obsessed said...

That brings back memories, I had a clothkits doll as I child.
Wish I still had her.
Hope Amelie gets as much joy out of hers as I did mine.

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Sew Obsessed, thanks for dropping by! You should so pop along to Clothkits and get some kits for your children. Sew some memories for them! (they do girls and boys) By the way, I'm probably going along with B for Baby on Monday! E x

Fat Chick Design said...

awwwh, so cute! I love wonky :) Wonky is good!
They love them no matter what they look like, isn't it a good feeling when they take them to bed!
Well done :)

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Fat Chick Design, thanks for dropping by again! It is SO good when they take them to bed, especially when you're trying to please a 5 year old girl (as you probably know). One day I'll Blog the doll (only a daughter could love) I knitted for her! LOL! Emma ;)

Anonymous said...

Great to see a Clothkits kit again!
I made a little quilted jacket with farm animals in the pockets for my daughter when she was 2 or 3 - she loved it and wore it everwhere!
She "helped" me make it and the sewing bug obviously bit her then as she is now 27 (that makes me feel old) and a fashion designer

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Julie, thanks for dropping by! I've had some lovely memories of Clothkits, I'm definitely going to get some more. Although, the thought of my daughter at 27 seems a lifetime away, but then I think again and remember my niece is 27! EEK! If my daughter became a fashion designer my chest would simply burst with pride! :)