Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I've Been Charmed By Practical Textile Art!

Delightful Heart Brooch
Hens Teeth!  It's OK I'm not swearing, it's the English idiom "as rare as Hens Teeth", which means very difficult to find.  And there couldn't be a better description for this beautiful work by Hens Teeth.
Simply Cute Bird Coin Purse
Birds are so 'on trend' in the glorious world of Handmade, but HensTeeth takes it to a new level!
Captivating Bag with Applique Birds
How great are these birds, I love the simplistic lines and yet they have so much character, and all on a Tote!  You can't get more practical than a Tote!
Delicate Textile Heart Brooch

I'm not sure whether one would consider a brooch to be practical, but it certainly does a lot for one's self esteem.  The joy of wearing something so beautiful, with every fine detail hand stitched by someone with a passionate and creative mind!  Hold on as your self esteem shoots through the coffee shop ceiling whilst sipping a latte with your girlfriends and they swoon over your brooch!
Fabulous Bird Needle Case
I need to keep my eye on this piece, I so need a decent needle case.  I'm not even going to share my handmade effort when needle cases like this are being lovingly crafted.  Shame on me and my tatty effort!
Darling Heart & Bird Brooch
Another brooch to make the heart sing like a bird!  I'm just floored by the gorgeous detail on HensTeeth's beautiful work.
Charming Bird Brooch
I'm going to run out of superlatives, but how cheeky is this little chap?  Birds, button and embroidery, what more could you ask for from something handmade with such care?
 Adorable Needle Case
Another needle Case to keep my beady eye on!  I love the Air Mail Letter style, very cosmopolitan!
Firstly, I make no apology for all the pictures I have added as there is just too many lovely pieces to choose from!

I love this kind of work, so gorgeous that I wish I could do it myself.  I love the idea of making practical items with fantastically detailed applique and embroidery, but I just don't have the creative talent to put it together, espcially with so much charm!

And the talent behind all this gorgeous work is Viv, she is a happily married mother of two girls who works at her local College of Art in the 'Middle of England'.  She works term time and so gets to spend time in her studio and do what she loves best... playing with her collection of ephemera, books, needlework and art materials. She is passionate about what she does and, like many designers, wishes she could work at her craft full time.

To see more of her work to buy check out her Shop and for inspiration her Blog.

Which piece charms you the most?


Danielle said...

This stuff is fabulous! I'm sitting here with my mouth hanging open! Beautiful!!! I love the Darling Heart and Bird Brooch and the postcard and everything else. :)

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Danielle, thanks for dropping by. The works is stunning, you both work in the same talented way and I am SO envious of you both! ;)

Emma Thomsen said...

Oops!.... I think what I meant to say was "the work is stunning", maybe it's my west country accent slipping out. LOL :)

Jenny said...

Hi Emma, glad you are pleased that you won my giveaway:) but can you please please send me your contact details somehow and which set - cupcakes, butterflies or flowers you would like as otherwise I can't post them to you:(

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I really enjoyed this post, thank you love Annie xx